Mother's Day 1986 Poem by Marquita Lawson

Mother's Day 1986

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When I think of the children as babies, I remember spontaneous smiles, hugs and giggles. I also remember the diapers, the fevers and tears. But I remember most of all how wonderful and warm it was to hold my baby in my arms, rocking and singing loved and needed I felt.

When I think of the children as toddlers, I remember first steps, first friends and the insistence of dressing "ALL BY MYSELF".I also remember spilled food, potty training and tears.But I remember a whirlwind running toward me with opened arms, flying hair and sticky kisses.Rocking and singing softly loved and needed I felt.

When I think of the children as youngsters attending school, I remember watching in awe when letters fit together as words, and numbers added up right and that Seattle is the Capital of Washington State "But where is Washington State? "I also remember the loss of innocence, the gain of peer pressure and many occurrences of their hearts being broken.But I remember most of all, the plays, concerts, and sports games.How wonderful and warm it was to watch, and see the confidence and pride they each had developed and the glances I'd receive from them just checking to see if I was loved and needed I felt.

Michael is almost 19 years old now. He is on his own and doing fine. Life is not easy for him, but he is making it just the same and better yet, he KNOWS he'll make it.I remember when he first got his license and when he got his first ticket.But most of all I remember a day when he hugged me for the first time in so many years and told me he loved me.Oh, how warm and wonderful it feels to have him still share after all these years...How loved and needed I feel.Thank you, Michael.

David just turned 16 years and has a job; works harder than he needs, but I remember how desperate he was to survive as he realized that his school years were drawing to an end with a big wide world out there. But I remember most of all how he could recognize my need for encouragement when I was feeling down.Even though attendance at school was important to him, he would off and on share staying home with a sick younger brother or sister so I wouldn't miss so much work.Oh, how wonderful and warm it feels to have him support my efforts when the natural instincts of a 16 year old are usually of his own needs.It's these times that I feel so loved and it's the times of conflict and guidance that make me feel needed.Thank You, David.

Joshua is almost 10 years, but there are times that I think he's been around forever.He's a happy kid with humor that won't quit.I remember his wonderful ability to turn my justifiable angry mood into a held back giggle.He's entertaining, warm hearted and growing. But I remember most of all, a scholarship award he brought home.It's hard for him to maintain a good mark in conduct at school and keep his grades way up there. He has to work hard to control his spontaneous sense of humor in the classroom and I share his pride in maintaining. I also remember his volunteering to stay with his sick little sister at home one day so I could go to work.This was in spite of his fear of being in our big house alone.I didn't allow him to stay home but was so proud that he would offer and be willing to attempt that great responsibility.I feel so loved when he's not feeling well or is feeling scared and is willing to come to me for comfort.Thank you, Joshua.

Sara...the fourth but not the least twinkle in my eye - Oh, Sara! She'll turn 7 years in a few months.Sometimes she's sweet and sometimes (eh...)not so sweet.She's growing and learning so fast that I wonder if I can keep up with her.I remember her art work being chosen to be shown at Balboa Art Museum in the Children's Art Fair - and I remember most of all it not being such a big deal to her.I feel so loved and needed when she comes to me with tears or sore knees from a fall or a smile and a hug "just because" and when she says that she wants me to be the teacher or the babysitter...such a warm and loving child.Thank you, Sara.

For all the diapers, fevers and tears; for all the spilled food, potty training and insistent independence; for all the loss of innocence, broken hearts and stubborn conflicts - I would not trade one moment - not one.For to have missed the smiles, the hugs and giggles; the first steps, independence and learning; all the things that led to the confidence and pride gained by each - to have missed their growing, warmth and caring (not always among themselves but ALWAYS compassionate towards others) ... It would have been for me, to not have grown at all myself.I've learned so much and have lived so hard and it's all surrounded by love that one can only receive by being a involved, dedicated mother, a parent.
Marquita Lawson

Reflecting over the growth of my children and myself.
Jazib Kamalvi 05 August 2019

A refined poetic imagination, Marquita Lawson. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.

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