dark dove

Murder My Broken Heart - Poem by dark dove

Slash break.
Keep the love you claim to make.
Break my heart you have put to starve.
For you and only you do I want this dark mark.

Rip and slit,
The wounds that have been cut.
By you and only you do this blood still falls.
I just want you there,
In sight with a tear.

The cure to my pain is you.
Your kiss and touch would help me pull through.
But there I sit in pain and paralyzed.
You stare at me with tears forming in your eyes.

You don't know what to do so you walk away.
The sight of your back.
Stabs mine on the day to day.

Murder my broken heart.
Because it's been through enough
Now it's waiting for you.
But your pressure appliance is to much.

My once broken heart is crumbling to smaller pieces.
As it waits for your love.
But keeps suffocating to the poison leaches.
Drip, drip.
The tears wont stop falling.
Calling your name.
My heart can hear your foot steps coming.

This once dark room has turned to cherished light.
You pick me up but my hearts out of sight.
Your lips began to lay upon mine.
Then my eyes cracked open with a smile thats been blind.

Love me. love me
Murder my broken heart.
Take it out of its misery when your done with
The final pieces from the parts.

Murder these eyes, that feel in love the first day.
These obsessive thoughts that prized you from before the right away.
Saver me your most loving human.
That you made passion with and always believed in.

I'll keep looking up because your my hero.
Murder my broken heart.
Make it start over where you are.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 9, 2011

Poem Edited: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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