K.J. Jackson

Mutiny - Poem by K.J. Jackson

Cast off the main lines, we set sail today,
The seas are calm, as we plot our way,
On the ship called ' Our Future'; built so sound,
That when the waves envelope, we only bound,
On top we float, our main sails set,
The breeze it moves us, we don't know to where yet,
But we are not afraid because we are the crew,
Of the vessel 'Our Future' comprised of two,
But without my knowledge a stowaway hid,
Down below our deck, along he slid,
Onto the upper deck without my consent,
But you noticed him and you were content,
Our course we continued until one fateful night,
A ravenous storm, rolling seas, lightening strikes,
I took hold of the wheel, tried to keep it afloat,
The Heavens rained tears, my body completed soaked,
But then the sea died as I gazed starry sky,
Oblivious to me it was the Hurricane's eye,
The calming effect gave me false hope,
Wishing I could cast off my life rope,
But alas I tried, no one there, only tide,
The storm swallowed our ship and we collided with reef,
I looked to the upper deck in pure disbelief,
You and the stowaway holding each other embraced,
As the cold, black sea made it's home everyplace,
'Our Future' is sinking, and I plead with you now,
Let go of his hand, help me bail some how,
But instead, as I watch, you two cast the only life boat,
And I yell to 'WAIT! ' but it gets caught in my throat,
My heart beats so hard in my chest that it skips,
I am the captain who will go down with this ship.

Topic(s) of this poem: infidelity

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 22, 2016

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