K.J. Jackson Poems

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Working Man

Up a six, home at five,
Ridin the grind, just to stay alive,
Beat my guts out, still get no respect,
The 1%, need a reality check,

Somehow, Someway, Someday

When I begin worry, and ask how will we pay the bills? ,
You just look at me, and then I see, that Somehow, Someway we will,
When things don’t go as planned, and I wonder will it be okay? ,
I hear your gentle voice speak Somehow, Someway, Someday,

Life Lesson Learned

It started off as a sparkle, exciting and new,
As most things, you know, they usually do,
But as time passed, I began to see through,
What it really was, to be the true you,

Nomadic Maritime Strife

I miss my children, I miss my wife,
I miss my simple Island way of life,
I miss my home, the cool sea breeze,
I miss the ocean against my knees,


At one time, I had it all,
In my palms, it seemed to fall,
I took for granted and now it’s gone,
Like a sparrow, with a melodic song,

The Fallen

I regret to inform you, that on this day,
Your daughter, your son, has gone away,
I rapt at your door, heavy-hearted dismay,
That your daughter, your son, on foreign soil they lay,

I Love You

I Love You, but not in Love with you,
What a concept,
As I lay in our bed alone, while you slept,
And quietly tears shed, as I wept,


Cast off the main lines, we set sail today,
The seas are calm, as we plot our way,
On the ship called ' Our Future'; built so sound,
That when the waves envelope, we only bound,


What can I do?
Now your love, isn't true,
You love him, but I loved you,
This life we have forged,

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