My Alphabet Poem Poem by villiamor calventas

My Alphabet Poem

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day is hot
sittng on my swivel chair
trying to chase
wild ideas
to describe what i feel
yet i cannot
fsthom what is within
i stared on the mute keyboard
that seems to look at me
with blind eyes
i saw the W and the I
and i thought of something wild..
wild dreams perhaps?
or weird nights when
angels chased demons
floating on black clouds
my mind set no way so i look at the T
and the H and i thought
of thine shall i wrote about her?
but my memries of her lost charms
seems to fade into morning disaster
so it was no deal
and i looked at the M and the E
and i thought of Me but then
what shall i write about myself
when i do not even know the real me.
and i gaze at the L and of the O
and i said maybe i can write
about love but then my heart is hollow
deep within my emotions
were all bottled up
thrown in deep labyrinth
there is no way i can do it
and then there was the P and i had the C
should i write about peace? but then
there is a great war brewing
between my mind and my heart
it is so hard to make desicions when
your mind refuse the decisions of the heart
and the heart do not folow
what the mind says it got to be
and yes i lokked at the? ? ?
and so will i question God or man?
the answers are not within
the hearts minds and souls of
uncaring man and
God sees the truth but waith until when?
when stars never shines
and flowers never bloom
and yeah i glance at the....
and i thought of the end
of the endless life on crazy
but beautiful world
and i said let me end this weird poem
created by the weird mind
of a weird poet like me
less i bored you till the end....
i am done with my alphabet poem

done while waiting for the campfire to start sitting on my squeaking chair inside my office of heaven or doom.
villiamor calventas

villiamor calventas

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