jenbubblepop shermanater

My Bb Gun (A Real Life Experience I Had)

I bought a BB gun from skegness market
That was when I thought I was a real smart kid
I got it home and took it out of the box
I later got cramp in my arm from the after shocks

I was leaning out of my window to aim at my cat
I din't think any one would see well how wrong was that
I fired the gun a round or two
I needed some practise, my aim was poo

The bullets bounced onto the shed roof
I did'nt pick them up I left the proof
I rang my mum with what I thought was a good lie
But when she came home she could see it in my eye

She never said she knew it was me
I still denyed it how stupid could I be
She kept it quiet for a week or two
I thought i was in the clear but I did'nt have a clue

In the kitchen I get a glass of Lemonade
I dropped it and it exploded I explained
My mum replies thats not the first thing to explode these past few weeks
I don't understand my little voice squeeks

Well while you were out we hade a call at the door
It was the police, she didn't have to say any more
They came in the house and raided my room
I had to go the the station she never said when, just that it was soon

I waited around she had a phone call
I didn't feel big I felt so small
Now my mind going around the bend
She gets off the phone she says 'Your interviews this weekend'

I feel so guilty that i move out
Scared that my mum would scream and shout
She gives me the time I have to be there
Infront of my mates I act as if I don't care

It's now the moring of my interview i walk through mum's door
Feeling ashemed my head looking down at the floor
She tells me to wait for Ian to come home
I think that this is so he can grumble and moan

Ian comes home with a smile on his face
Telling me I no longer have to go to that place
He's talked to a friend I just have to sign a sheet of paper
Then he says he will talk to me later

Months have past and I hear no more
I get a job, explain my story and out with laughter they all roar
I later find out that it was all a lie
I then get home and ask them why

They said the poilce never came to the door
I was then intrigued I wanted to know more
They had decided to devise a plan
My mind then began to expan

Ian had gone to his office and printed a fake caution out
I then got angry and began to shout
It was to teach me a valuble lesson in life

Poem Submitted: Friday, January 8, 2010

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