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My Life Has Changed - Poem by jenbubblepop shermanater

If you only knew the truth about me and my life
I struggle and strife
To make ends meat
To stay on my feet
I get mad and deploy
To destroy with anger
With hate but I have to portray
To be able to set an example
That’s good and kind
To set my mind
On my baby a boy
Its crazy at twenty
I had plenty
Now its gone
Now at twenty to build a future with my son.

My baby boy boo
I do love you
I wasn’t ready
But I’m holding steady
On my own I hope you’re proud
It’s like I am performing to a tough crowed
I get judged and rubbed in the dirt
This shirt torn from my back
I’m under attack
My family and friends
It all depends on us
On how I do
On making you
All you ever can be.

My life is changing
It’s so amazing
My boy that I have is blazing bright
The fuss and fight
I have to be right
With it all
I will stand tall
Yet you so small
This poem as it is
My head in the mist
Giving me doubts
Making me shout
You’re out of my life and its turned around
Yes son you will be proud not with your head in the ground
I am happy and loud
The old me
Back with a vengeance
The people I wasn’t close to
Now hold me in their heart like a pendant

I love my boy I always will
And watching him grow gives me a thrill
I had a rough time as I grew up
I don’t want the same for my little pup
I will prove you wrong my mother and dad
For my up bringing I am rather glad
I learn from you and always will
I don’t want my boo to hear the voice that could kill
Full of hate and desperation
For you to split was life’s destination
But for me I learnt
If I play with fire I will get burnt
So I will keep straight
Unlike my mother
If I fond another
I wouldn’t keep it bound
I would make my voice sound
To save the hurt I now posses
So that my little boy wont end up a mess
Not like my sister, dad and me
I want my boy to have a honest family.

I have met some one someone new
I have fallen in love
This must be a gift from up above
For the anger and hate to go away
To concentrate on them forever and a day
My feelings that I bottled inside
Have now all shrivelled and died
I walk with happiness and pride for the love that I found
I walk with my head help high and not in the ground
He loves my boy and he loves him too
I now just wait for the day he says love mum and Gary I love both of you
This gift of love that I now posses
Was sent to me to sort my heart that was a mess
So I thank my parents for my slightly rough past
Hope that this new family we have built will forever last.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 17, 2009

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