My Beautiful Blue Bird Poem by Jahir Hasan

My Beautiful Blue Bird

My Beautiful Blue Bird
Near my house, a bird
Rests on a twilight-painted tree.
On its branch, the lazy bird,
Caws and cries, or simply laughs.
Understanding is difficult, I admit,
To find my own place within.
But I hear all of this,
And it unsettles me so.
What am I, compared to the bird?
Where shall I seek its presence?
I hold myself in check,
Behind seven veils before my eyes.
If I happen to glimpse the tree's bird,
My heart's blue bird will vanish
In an instant!
I am an unfortunate soul,
Will I ever be able to catch
The bird's shedding sorrow?
If I lose myself within the sight,
The bird's shadow that holds
That is the true good river!

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