Mac Adrone Adonay

My Dearest, - Poem by Mac Adrone Adonay

The hope of mine sail through the wishing sea
And the dead roses are wet by my sad tears
Their mourning petals pricked and wounded me
I cried as my heart endured the lonely years
My dearest, how can I be strong?
You're not on my dreary side
Sorrow's door is opened wide
And with despair, I tarry long!

I know that we are far from each other
And you may say that, that will separate us
But my love for you will stay forever
Even though times, seasons, days and nights will pass
But may I ask: do you still love me,
Will you let me rest on agony?

My dearest, feel my heart and its sweet beats
Feel the soft kisses and the gentle embrace
Look to my true love where faith and hope meets
And bind them to the memories of our days

How are you this day,
Are you in a happy place,
And are you okay?

Distance separated us, I know
But my love shall continue to flow

O, my soul endured the stinging pain
But I know our love isn't in vain

My dear, I love you
Even we are far apart,
From my heart, it's true

Beneath the somber night, I stumble down
I look to the moon, thinking of you at night
And like a king who lost his golden crown
My sobbing heart face the melancholy's height

My travail's plea is to meet you one day
So my dear, help me to reach that wondrous thing
By facing the trials along the way
After that, open your heart for I will sing
A mellow song of love and glory
A song of how we smile in sweetest glee

We don't see each other for many years
Roses are dead but the lilies bloom with grace
And I know, there'll be a season of cheers
Flowers shall rise through our hearts' ardent blaze
And we'll go to a fairy land
Filled with blossoms, hope, and bliss
Nurtured by tender love and peace
My dearest, together we'll stand.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, January 4, 2014

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