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Wheels keep spinning by, the cycle is not over
And as the morning greets the azure sky
Roads of life open, take a look and ponder
Shadows of the past can’t easily fly

Roses are red, violets are blue
The flowers rest on the scenic view
Quietly blooming and flourishing
Kissing the day in a sweet greeting

When the evil shall stand tall, where could we go?
Can the sweet melody break the erring sound?
Thoughts of confused minds are in the mutiny,
When the morbid voices erase what we know,

Despairs awoke my body’s chiming clock
And my eyes are covered with a black smoke
Heavy load of burden was on my back
And on my neck was an inspiring yoke

Hey! why on doing wrong things, you're engaged?
Little child, where did you throw the garbage?
After you tear the cover of candy
You throw it on your path I clearly see

I ask, what is the best thing to invest?
The people's common answer is money
(Is to be rich a must be fulfilled quest?)
Future is always their priority

When you dream, dream big for dreaming is free
Then work for it, work for reality
Reach more than your limits, dream beyond borders
Touch the ocean's bottom, explore the universe

Long I keep these pains inside my heart
Since childhood, in my early age
And though it may be easy to forget
And forgiveness lies behind those tears

Here we are living on these changing years
Where technology regimes day by day

I cannot count my losses on the chess game
The frustrations and regrets on that sad night
I asked the Lord, why the victry’s door was tight
Then after a day, another battle came

We often fail and sometimes made mistakes
In the challenging field what we call life
Every dawn, the quest for battle awakes
With a bell ringing in sorrow and strife

In this world, let eyes open that we might see
And feel how beautiful life is, all in all-
Filled with colors like bright paintings on the wall
We’ve gentle hands to help the poor and needy

When you are tossed into the life’s dark day
Driven in the endless path of sorrow and pain
And when shadows are cast into your way
You’re discouraged, you didn’t get what you have to gain

Hear the voice of every verse-
All of you, bad pretenders!

I spend my leisure times on writing
My soul goes to the land of peace;
Seeking the light and gladness it bring
How calm are the flowers of bliss

It is on treasures to say
That you are rich
It’s not on gold or on silver
To prove that you are wealthy man


A bridge of a friend
Built with happiness, the love-
Couldn’t go to an end

Are you tired of questions bothering you?
So sick of the burdens coming through,
Be not afraid of things going too slow
You must take a deep breath and let it go

While walking in the battleground and trail
It's common that you often lose and fail
But don't think that your efforts are in vain
Triumph and success hide on every pain

New days of your life are approaching
And you didn't know what kind of days they will be

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The Future Lies To The Youth Of Today

Wheels keep spinning by, the cycle is not over
And as the morning greets the azure sky
Roads of life open, take a look and ponder
Shadows of the past can’t easily fly
Changes are constant, live your dream, build your goal
Dimming days shall unfold, nurture your young soul

The old path soon will fade and a new path will come
Generation of youth with power and wisdom
Young children of today, the future waits you all
Turn the dark night into a gleaming day
Hear your beloved country, hear the nation’s call
You can make difference in your own way

You are a clay of hope shaped by inspiration
And like a tree, you bloom bearing a fruit
Of awakened voices, bringing a solution
Arise you- brave, gentle and humble youth!
The future lies on you, the old ones shall rest
The seeds they’ve sown will reap, you all will harvest

“Hope on Thy Motherland”, our great hero have said
Stand with deep courage, victory is never dead
With faith, together we will reach the pinnacle
Guided by good examples, not walking astray
But building unity, becoming a model-
Because the future lies to the youth of today.

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Mac Adrone Adonay Popularity

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