jade Slatyer

My Everything - Poem by jade Slatyer

Please forgive me I've seemed to have misplaced my conscience You see I just killed three families, and I smiled, pay no mind I'm clean about it My knives were sharp making this quick and I left them at their dinner table it was silent The screams echoed through my clear head Why so startled? I thought you people liked the gruesome terror that is murder Oh only in movies? Well I think life's a movie and we are all actors Only the true actors survive That family didn't survive I seek red wait what did u just call me? freak? ! ? ! You call me a freak because you don't understand Because I have a concept that you find insane and mental I am doing you ****s a service! I am giving you real entertainment I am making life worth living Forcing you to live on the edge because my knives may be around to cut thy rebellion down to a a minor blood stain on this lovely white carpet You seem upset You know I never started this You did I had a family And you shot them down off of looks You gave no care to mine So why the **** can't I relive that through each slaughter each beg and plea Sorry for my language earlier it was a little out of pocket I can't start giving my cares out to murderers Will I stop is a question I get often No I won't I think you conniving pigs deserve every breathe i steal away Maybe then this legalized murder can end Maybe civil equality can return What are my terms to turn my self in Now why would I do that? My terms are to return my family back to me Oh you can't Well I guess I can't come out of hiding You call call me freak Single me out But arent you all the same When you say you'd kill for what's yours? WHEN YOU DONT CARE WHO IT IS AND THEY DARE NOT HURT THOSE YOU LOVE? I have no reason to accept the customs of you killers I will swim in the ashes of the homes I burned down Drink the tears of each victim like hard whiskey And hold close to my dog tags remembering how i served you ****s and how you took my everything away...

Topic(s) of this poem: hurt

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 7, 2014

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