Patti Masterman

My Fantasy - Poem by Patti Masterman

I would have to drink up the entire ocean
Just to get close to you
But then, I would be as large
As all the earths surface
Worse, I would slosh when I walked
Making you sea sick
And you would have to keep moving
Farther and farther away
To avoid becoming ill-
I guess I won't drink up the ocean.

I would breathe in all the air
In the whole sky above
Just to get nearer you
But then, I would be as expanded
As all of the atmosphere
Gaseous and free floating
And you would have to wear a parachute
And gas mask too
Just to hang there long enough to talk
In the airless vacuum that remained-
I guess I won't breathe in all the air.

I would cross all of space
Just for a moment to be beside you
To see again your glowing face
And feel the warmth of that large heart
And so, I have decided that I will become a meteor
Charging fearlessly around the universe
Spinning, gyrating through the spacious spaces
And I won't be too large or encompassing
To make you afraid to come near
And I will come with a rhythm, as do the seasons
So you always will know the time of my approach
And the time of my leaving.
I will always leave, but then return again:
And if you wanted,
You could become a satellite, too-
And you could blink mechanically, at me
As I whooshed by in the close darkness.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 17, 2010

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