A Bear Came To Dinner Poem by Patti Masterman

A Bear Came To Dinner

Rating: 4.8

A bear came to dinner;
He ate before the bell,
He didn't use his napkin,
I am here to tell.

He didn't cut his steak,
Neatly; with the knife,
And licked his mashed potatoes
Off the plate- it was not quiet.

He didn't wait for prayers,
He didn't pass the bread-
But balanced it, most perkily,
Atop his brown-bear head.

His manners more atrocious,
Than any I have seen;
But heavens, I'm so grateful
He didn't just eat me.


You make me smile, G x

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An invitation to Big Brown BearThe bbq is on so come on over.

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Simon Gowen 27 June 2011

Sounds like Winnie the pooh has let himself down yet again. Lovely poem.

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Jim Troy 07 August 2011

I am so glad that the bear did not eat you either Patti What a most fasinating bear that is But one can not help but love the hungry fella.......

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Brian Skyers 20 October 2011

very nice, cute ending.

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Kim Barney 12 November 2022

A five-star poem. Extremely well done.

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David Wood 12 November 2022

Your poem put a smile on my face. Great work!

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Bri Edwards 12 November 2022

Lines 13 and 14 I would 'fine-tune', but it is another favorite stanza for me. I like the poem's humor. And I LICK DISHES ROUTINELY, both mine and my mate's. (not in restaurants) 4 stars. bri : )

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Bri Edwards 12 November 2022

Line 6: I'd delete the semicolon [; ]. Favorite lines: 'But balanced it, most perkily, Atop his brown-bear head.'

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* Sunprincess * 11 May 2014

..........wonder if he thought you were goldilocks....so much fun to read....truly enjoyed..

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