My Flight To Hell

Rating: 3.0

In the bowels of hell I take my stand,
And sever all my ties,
To love, truth, the faithful few,
And surrender to the lies.
No one can hear my throbbing heart,
As within my chest it breaks.
There is no pity in these depths,
Seclusion is what it takes.
Death is near me in these parts,
And I yearn to feel his touch.
Yet soon I know that like the rest,
I'll regret it oh so much.
No one can tell me to give up,
This path that I have chose.
I cannot leave my cavern now,
My love for it now grows.
Fear and anger are the keys,
To peace within this place.
I haven't seen the master yet,
But I long to look upon his face.
As I walk along this darkened path,
Three words have crossed my mind,
"I am condemned", yet I've no regret,
So maybe I am blind,
To the awful things that are dreamed up,
Here by the Master, Hate himself..
The walls are filled with eveil here,
And their potions fill the shelf.
I hear the master come this way,
And I tremble now in fera.
I kneel down and bow my head,
I can't look until I touch the spear.
He extends the spear and I touch the tip,
And my burning blood is drawn.
In his wicked game of hate and death,
I've become his willing pawn.
He takes my hand and raises me up,
To stand before his court.
I gasp in shock when I see his face,
I know my time is short.
He leads me to the slippery ledge,
Of the bottomless pit of hell.
With one small push I am in flight,
For me now all is peace.
My boring life is over now,
And time for me will cease.