My Goodbye - Poem by DNMEBOY NME

Living in this world and not wanting to be here,
What I must do now has become quite clear.

I'm a coward a failure and a god damn mistake,
Living this pathetic life that I just cant take.

All my mistakes, the bad things I've done wrong,
Will they all still be here when I am finally gone?

I don't want your sympathy you don't know my pain,
I could continue to stay here but there's nothing to gain.

I have wanted to be gone for a real long time now,
I have wanted to leave but I just never knew how.

With a few well typed keywords Google is my friend,
It will show me the way to get to the end.

You ruined my life, and destroyed me inside,
Everyone will know soon you won't be able to hide.

They will all know now exactly what you have done,
Just answer me this was is all just for fun?

You are the destroyer the destroyer of lives,
Your past will catch up to you no matter how much you lie.

So come one come all and come see the show,
There is more to this story than she would like you to know.

There is not much to say, I cant look you in the eyes,
So it is here on the internet I choose to say my goodbyes.

You are not responsible for my life as a whole,
But in the end it is you who played the final role................

Comments about My Goodbye by DNMEBOY NME

  • (8/30/2009 8:37:00 PM)

    When I say here in the poem it refers to this world, this planet, this existance.

    This was an old poem i wrote and i actually for the most part dont feel the same way anymore although i have my days.

    It was for a girl who i feel really destroyed most of my chances at ever being happy again. She knowingly and intentionly messes up guys lives permanantly because shes hell bent on doing to every guy what one guy did to her and nw she suffers for life yet keeps her secret so that others may share in her suffering.

    I just really liked the poem as have other, I thought it was well written and was my first shot at a poem. I just wanted some input on it to see if maybe I would ever write again.

    I just signed up at this site so i dont even know what top 500 is. I am not that vein....

    I dont need others approval or votes to be happy in life....
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  • (8/30/2009 8:30:00 PM)

    Well, I'm not sure what exactly has caused so much pain in your life, but never feel resentful about your mistakes - they happen for a reason...
    It's true, some people just can't live if they don't distroy others... but at the same time they don't realise what damage they do to themselves...
    You say you don't want to stay here...are you not on the 500 list? Is this your main worry? Write for the sake of writing, not for votes of those who have created their account just to tell others not to vote for you, but them... Do you think this kind of, begged for votes have any value? I'd rather not to get any than be marked on my own request...
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