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My Honey, You’re Beyond Compare! - Poem by AtreyaSarma Uppaluri


Oh, my darling! Angel beautiful!
How charming! How irresistible!
To whom I should compare you?


You’re the light of my day
Do I liken you to the Sun?

No, he is too dazzling
Too blazing, too blinding.
And the Sun is not a she, but a he.

The very thought of you in the nights
Cools and comforts with a hope.
Are you like the Moon?
No, Moon is always dark on one side
You’re fair like a fairy all around.

Yet if you wish, do become the Moon
But only after turning me into the Earth.

The twinkle in your eye
Tinkles and tickles my heart.
Do you like to be a star?
No, no…for then you’ll be
Light years away
Far away from my reach.

Do be a star, if you still insist
But only if you can turn my heart
Into the enfolding firmament.

You’re lovely and tender
With an intoxicating fragrance
Should I say, you’re a flower?
No, no, a flower fades and withers
But you’re immortal, ageless.

Still if you choose to be a flower,
My Honey,
Turn me into the only bee over you.

Your look is sharp and hooking
Could your glances be lances?

Don’t be a lance or dart
They pierce and kill me.

Your touch is unique
Soft, cool and warm
Is it like butter?

No, butter could turn rancid.
So don’t be butter and make me bitter.

Are you like a foam cushion or mattress?
No, my dear Mistress,
They don’t have the heave of your bosom
Or the bounce of your body lissom.


So oh, my dear sweet, cute and pretty Love
To you, nothing is remotely equal or above
You’re simply beyond compare
So come on, just with me do pair
Let’s not anymore delay
Let’s only together play.

How long should I go on to serenade,
Oh, my diva, my sweetie, my Maid!
Let’s be fair to our affair
Let’s turn our alliance into a dalliance
Let our glances bloom into a romance
Let our romance multiply and cross every expanse.

Please melt, smile, come on
Come close, still closer
Let’s kiss and enjoy the bliss
Let’s for the celebration brace
And be locked in a big embrace.

You and me, to each other a great mate
And that let’s together consummate.

[Dec 08,2009: : Lincoln, NE, USA]

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