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Green leaves
gazing at red flowers

After sipping off your coffee
Put the empty cup into the sink

After eating your food

'Are you the one, I've been waiting for, all my life?
Are you the one, he has made, for me alone? '
At long last, have I met the angel of my dreamful quest,
In mind and body, in heart and soul with beauty blest.

She is breezing along a step behind
Her own piloting shadow inclined.

Her blooming smile unfading, vibrant and radiant

The panoramic cerulean tapestry
What an amazing celestial mystery!

Woven with prominences rocky

When a baby is bubbly with her smiles
And plays with herself like a cherub
We like to pick her up and cuddle
Not willing to pass it on to another.

girls whiled away
their idle time
by fiddling with

[Ugadi is the New Year Day in parts of India – Andhra, Karnataka, Maharashtra, synchronising with spring and bringing along with it a spring of hope when the people wish for good to the entire life in creation. Ugadi or Yuga Adi literally means, in Sanskrit, beginning of a new age.]

Ugadi, we welcome you with open arms wide!
Give us strength to accept anything in life’s ride –

baldy’s wedding –
she accepts her man
heir or no hair

[Ugadi is the new-year day in several parts of India and is a major festival]

It was the dawn of the Ugadi festival
I squeezed the paste onto my toothbrush…

For any malaise or malady, with no bar
You jump up and brush us with tar
Even as you are loath to take part
In the positive political art.

There was a big fatty at Ranchi
Who walked out as his wife snapped, “Paunchy! ”
Up to Kanchi he went
And came back lean and spent.

[Viewpoint of an Indian homemaker reeling under the price-spiral]

Earlier going to the vegetable market was unpleasant
Hardy, tiresome, for I had to be a heaving weightlifter.

The bouncy gal breezed
into the teeming train.


There was a Crook who’s into small-time crime
So nimble in theft and pocket picking.
He indulged in this guilty job full time;
It’s how he would carry on his living.

Just you and me
For each other -
We sit face to face
Look into each other’s eyes.

If books are a bore
Window view is vapid
Talking is trash
Music is muck

[Brittany Murphy, a 32 year old Hollywood actress and singer, met with a premature death on 20th December 2009. She is suspected to have been a victim of anorexia nervosa and a heavy dose of prescription drugs like Vicodin after she had undergone a series of plastic surgeries. RIP.]

Now the three-score-and-two year old young Brittany Murphy

Life is a play and also a war of many a hope;
We should learn with every trouble how to cope.

Every age and stage has its beauty and music;

scarecrows everywhere
but no crow around
to be scared away

AtreyaSarma Uppaluri Biography

Atreya Sarma Uppaluri began as an occasional poet and a master of ceremonies, as a part of his hobbies. A few of his poems were published on the, and in the Deccan Chronicle and the Hyderabad Circle News (of SBI from where he retired in 2007) . He has been contributing poems to Muse India since January 2009. He won quite a few prizes from Deccan Chronicle, Himmat, Mother India for poetry/viewpoints; and in the bank at the state level - in literary activities. He was the editor of the Hyderabad based Bharatiya Pragna, Social Cause and Cyberhood magazines. A number of his articles and letters have been published. Atreya Sarma has a Masters in English Literature and a PG Diploma in Mass Communications. Basically a science graduate (BSc) , he did his BA with English literature, Sanskrit literature and history, out of his love for literature. Working for State Bank of India, he did his JAIIB, a professional banking course.)

The Best Poem Of AtreyaSarma Uppaluri

A Riot Of Colours!


Green leaves
gazing at red flowers
turn green with envy…

Red flowers
eyeing yellow fruits
turn red with anger…

Yellow fruits
seeing the green leaves
turn yellow from age…


looks askant at Black
and boasts:
“Look here, darkie!
I am the light
I am the purity
You’re grimy and gloomy! ”


Not to be outdone
Black taunts back:
“O wily White!
You’re full of pallor
with no originality.”

Black goes on to brag:
“East or west, Black is best
North or south, Black has worth.”


“Hey, you, Brown,
in our estimate you’re always down
for you’re neither here nor there, ”
so Black and White vent their spleen.

Hearing it,
bang launches Brown
an offensive self-defence:
“I am the colour of the earth
and so of the creative world of wood
Why, aren’t your bread and bakes brown?
Then on your faces why such a frown? ”

Continues Brown his acid vaunt:
“When brown is such a crown
it doesn’t lie in your mouth
to brown me off.”


The colours, thus, run riot
and splash and lash
to show their true colours,
as if they are in a world
that is coloured, and not colourful.


Then, all of a sudden…
all the quarrelling colours came to a halt
as an Oracle beamed across and reverberated:
“Hark, my dear ones, and mark my words.
You’re no foes to one another
You’re siblings, the offspring of the Same.
Forget not that you’re all symbols of harmony.
Just look up, high up into your mirror! ”…


Illumining so, the Oracle vanished
leaving all the colours lavished
The Divine Rainbow.

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