Aceion Davidson

My Insights - Poem by Aceion Davidson

My insights are brighter than the sun & lined with moonlight,
I have an urge that merges into the hearts of others with wonder,
Goals that span across the globe with devotion that unfolds hope for those who even appose my flow,
There's nothing like the sound of a smile & the wine from the shine inside the eyes of the faces I insight to enlighten with my might to strive the rights behind the blinds of my fight,
I walk in the light,
So if you cross my line, I promise you will feel my divine bind predicament entwine your mind to heights far past the time it takes for you to untie that lie you try to fly by my grind,
You see, my soul's existence will bleach your burden,
Heal your hurt, bathe your slate, embrace your grace, fate your faith,
Blanket your hate, chalice your intake & appropriate your place educating your race to unclutter your psychological anguishes to overtake the layout you maintain,
My insights, entices your third eye to shimmer,
Your pain, I shelter through my veins & reign the shame you gained out of life's trials & tribulations that I release with one pierce of my metrical compositional blade,
Take you out that phase that keeps you off steady paced,
Flip your frown & crown your insights to inflate,
My insights stay wright,
Bright without fright I leave you with not one slice left from the devil's pie for us to reside in the blind,
My insights are sublime,
My insights are my tries without failure to rise,
The documented elements that develop my holla & arts my Scholl eristic uplifted themes that picture my full percent to replenish my Sunday's gift,
Are built out from bliss, a heartfelt kiss, a militant fix & strategic glib that extends with an infinite finish,
This is my elegant wench without a lick of flinch,
My winch with an unbreakable grip,
My subtitled title can never slip or resist My Insights stay tight,
The glide of power I display will never falter or break,
I prey on extra space to pray,
Keep a head on straight & never flake on the real or the fake,
My life is no mistake & therefore My Insights leak fresh blood throughout the brains of those who sustains God's love & embrace,
These are 'my' greats I lace,
My acumen & comprehension,
My discernment & divination,
My drift, intuition, judgments & observations,
My penetrations & perceptions & perspicacity,
My sagaciousness sagacity,
My wavelength, understanding & sapience, not to mention,
My insights, I share with vision & my matured wisdom.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 4, 2013

Poem Edited: Monday, March 4, 2013

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