robert rezo

melbourne, australia
Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Life As A Lie

hello children, gather near listen to what u might fear.
this story tells of a face and a boy in its place.
you'll hear of a life full of lies.
and how a boy tried to fly.
with wings held down his spirit grew
until the day that he knew.

i take u now to this place
an empty pit full of space
a void in time surrounded by evil
it chills me now to tell this foeble
for 30 years they controlled his days
telling him lies and giving him praise
saying that everything he done was good
but alas in the end he done all he could

they conditioned the boy to accept the pain
they broke his heart and terrified his brain
metticulously scheaming to punnish his thoughts
yet, he never knew it was evil he bought

dedicating there lives to running him there
the most wicked of people i talk of here

its been three weeks since i learned this truth
about my life and what it was worth
you hear this story told by a man
who witnessed the lies at first hand
who watched his family 100 i tell you
conspire there powers to bring down his tower

now 35 i feel the full pain
my head filled with horror no more i explain
with a heart that cries constant can u hear me now
i write these words with my head in a bow
when i think of what they did to me
i only go silent and slip away
i wish to god and the devil himself
that soon i find peace in this heart as it melts
so what now i hear you say of me
this boy who's life has now filled with shame
well i sit here at night waiting for death
wishing for angels to come to my bed

but i know theres no angels
no magic at all
to save this damned boy from these four walls
i only have this and one thing to say
you'd better hope i die this way........................

cause if i live through this ratted tale
to all my past friends i will bring hail
the hail from hell i will bring to you all
for the things you have done to a boy who was poor
the devil himself i will bring to your house
to visit your wife and give her my stealth
your children will pay they wont be missed
in the garden of evil that i now posses

so pray if you want to, hide if u can
for soon this boy becomes a man
my tainted love will soon be here
good luck when the devil appears.... FRIEND.
robert rezo

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