GodBody O.G

Rookie (MArch 9th 1983 / Georgetown Guyana)

My Love Song Pt.1 - Poem by GodBody O.G

1983, Born by a single mothers birth
daddy was never planted in the earth
grew up with different cultures infused
the manner of business learnt was misused
came to brooklyn at a very tender age
not realizing the streets were a cage
computers and writing were a passion lost
my youth my future all were the cost.
Thought the gang was my only true family
never realizing the devil had dammed me
smoked weed to pass the time and ease pain
the eyes of victims burned holes in my brain.
Money was the fuel that ignited the flames
I needed a new alias so I switched my names
went from Ghost to Spade so the feds couldn't find me
My aunts tried but not even they could mind me
Grand pops was disappointed, he'd taught me better
but not even moms could save me from the evils of cheddar
niether could diplomatic immunity save me from myself
concerned more with crimes didn't care for my health.
A young life wasted once blood was tasted
could've never erased it just had to face it
Pops remarried and the anger grew more intense
Moms decided to move so I went and hopped the fence.
Moved down to Maryland and it all got worse
seems like trouble became a personal curse
tryed to do good but it didn't turn out well
spent two years huggin on moms from a jail cell
after my release it was time to try to be at peace
but still couldn't escape the streets I was in too deep.
My eyes were opened as the house stood ablaze
the fire too everything as we watched amazed
we packed what was left and moved further south
moms had faith there was no ounce of doubt.
First day here experienced the racial tension
didnt know I was in place where they used to linch men.
Found work to do and the future looked bright
but the devil wasn't done so he turned out the light
couldn't stop druggin couldn't stop dealing
money was a sickness and I loved the feeling
two more times in jail and God sent a sign
then I was put on probation instead of doing time.
3 years later, many girls down, dozens of friends gone
I have a little time to at least write some of the wrong
keeping faith close and plans for school, dreams of business
puts my mind at ease, the devil's reign is finished
did things no teen should ever try to attempt
but not mad at the world, I hold no contempt
I just know now that I have a second chance
the fat lady hasn't sung, cause it's my turn to dance

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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