Eljess Rey Cadiz

My Mother's Deeds - Poem by Eljess Rey Cadiz

For all the sweat and blood, I treasure
You're tired, I felt I am sure
Thought your love keep me assure
Uneven, uncompare always pure

Your patience stood still
With my attitude I know it's real
You never give up even how hard you feel
I adore, please because you're always here

I regretted this life before
For I don't have father at all
Then I realized it wasn't small
I have you a mother that gives me more

I can't fancy my existence without you
Your such a mother that can't be borrow
Most of my burden you helped me to blow
There are lots of good reason why I owe you

Past years you left me to go abroad
I'm small, don't know the reason too broad
You weren't even write Goodbye in my blackboard
Or a letter of love might a simple word

You went for a good reason
For us not to suffer Poverty's prison
Ideas wander need explanation
Now I understood why you leave the nation

I felt so nothing, my sister helped mw catch
You left us on nana feel me so scratch
Everything she should be untouch
In her laws we must watch

In other country I know you're longing for us
Your sons and daughter you left in Pinas
You send us on school and took finance
We attained education you wanted for us

You found the man of your life
He betrayed you somehow he makes you his wife
Yiu gained his trust, rigth now it's fine
He stand as our father something's defined

As a child I wonder about my biological father
I asked you, Where did he go? But there was no answer
For now I know why you can't explain
The case he did brought our life unplane

Am I one of the factors why he did?
The immortal sin and unacceptable deeds?
Does he thinks that our future will be affected?
Everyday my heart feels infected

Sorry Mama for what i sinned
Opposed your ideas, I wasn't detained
Im proud of you not of what you attained
But for all the efforts to helped things gained

You weren't a perfect mother
Though you're trying your best to be a father
That makes our family exalt altogether
Thank you mama, my love, my dear

Words aren't enough to express my love
I wasn't a good son never makes you laugh
Im being cherished I felt your love
Scolded me turns me to be numb

I'm lacking to be a son
Don't have the reason why I became this one
I always pretend Im a good one
But mama I'm hiding this horrible someone

Stubborn what you called me
Oftenly you're acting like me
Don't you remembered I counted 1 2 3?
That makes you very angry

In my highschool I've done my best
Teachers discover my rest
I took the stage to make you proud
I nutured it to turns aloud

I didn't told you about my school's achievements
I'm not boast You raise me down to earth
You already knew what I have when I graduated
I saw your eyes you're proud my wish granted

Thank you for the sweat you'd wasted
For me to have memories to be pasted
Hatred we have it always failed
You're my mama, my love, my dear

Your blood will be remembered
Flowing in my veins my whole body
You're being loved by everyone
I love you mama youre my one

Topic(s) of this poem: forever, love and art, mother and child , sorry

Form: Blank Verse

Poet's Notes about The Poem

its for my mama Elizabeth Cadiz. an awesome mother ever

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, November 19, 2015

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