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My Name Is December - Poem by Curtisj Johnson

My Name Is December
By Curtis Johnson

Hello dear one,

I have been a long time coming, but believe me when I tell you, “It’s worth the wait”. I mean that I am worth waiting for. More about that later, but my arrival is out of my control; as I have to wait my turn.

I am one of twelve, each of which has a different life span with a certain amount of days. I know. You think that our time is so short compared to your own span of uncertainty. But we are okay with the way we are, and we never debate our destiny with our maker.
We take each day as they come, and make the best of each one whether it’s bright or not.

By the way, you look familiar and remind me of someone else I’ve seen before. Have we met? O, pardon me please. My name is December, and I must say that I’m not late, but I am the last.
My name comes from the Latin word Decem which means ‘ten’. I know that you are wondering why my name means ‘ten’ when I am presently the 12th month of the year. You must understand that I was the 10th month until my number was changed to the Gregorian Calendar from the Roman Calendar. Don’t you wish sometime that people would leave things the way they were? Anyway, I still think that I am the most popular month of the year. More about that later.

I and all my siblings never cease to arrive each year at different times with various tasks. Some of us,7 to be exact, live to be 31; 4 of us make it to 30; and for some reason, one of our brothers, February by name, lives to be 28; but occasionally, he gets stretched to 29. Please don’t ask me why, because I’m not that smart.

Did you know that I am the first month of winter in the Northern Hemisphere where I also have the shortest daylight hours of the year? And did you know that I am the first month of summer in the Southern Hemisphere where I also have the longest daylight hours of the year? I sure hope I got that right.

I don’t claim to be the most famous, though I really am. Please? Do not repeat that to my 11 siblings. I must say that perhaps more money is spent in my 31 day life span than any other month; more gifts are exchanged; lights are their brightest; more decorations are put up; and many people feel that a big fat guy name Santa Clause comes from the North Pole on Reindeer, bringing lots of toys to kids the world over. O, by the way, did I say that Christmas came in the month of December? And did I not tell you that l was worth the wait?

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