Zachary Crouch

My Name Is Kevin - Poem by Zachary Crouch

Dear Mom and Dad, I'm writing this for every doubt you may have ever had,

and all the times growing up, that I ever made you mad or sad,

I just want to let you know, I ran into God last year,

Around the time I was drowning in my own fear,

I was in Atlantic City one night, there was a big gun fight,

I kept walking, staring straight into the moonlight,

I heard knocking, I stopped walking,

someone deep in the darkness started talking,

I saw a man with his face down on the ground,

I almost walked right past this broken man that I had just found,

But I didn't, for a moment I just stopped and sat to listen,

And I tried to put myself in that mans position,

I suddenly broke down in tears and my legs grew weak,

At that moment the man stood up and I found I could no longer speak,

I grew nervous, my heart raced, and I turned to run,

but when I turned I saw only the barrel of a gun,

It was pointed at me, and the voice behind the trigger screamed,

'I have to erase that which was never meant to be', and so I screamed,


I woke up at about a quarter to eleven,

The first thing I saw was the man, and he said his name was Kevin,

Before you ask, I'll tell you now that this story's true,

But sadly I can't fully tell you what Kevin and I went through,

But I'll have you know, I did find God,

And sadly that night, God was shot by a man named Tod,

I'm sure you know Tod, I'm sure he's pointed a gun in your face a few times as well,

But all Tod could do to me that night, was show me a glimpse of hell,

The scenes he painted in my mind were unlike anything I'd ever dreamed,

I saw spires of fire made of ice, it was all impossible or so it seemed,

I watched as the masquerade of blood and death bombarded me,

At that moment Tod whispered, 'I'll never set you free',

Time passed and Tod asked, 'Where's your God and all his angels? ',

I said, 'Right now, he's probably plotting out his angles',

'Finding a way to bust down the walls of this asylum I reside in',

Tod replied, 'He can't do that, not even with the help of the great Poseidon',

So in silence I sat in my own hysteria,

Listening to Tod while he says, 'I'm gonna bury ya',

'You scared yet? ', 'Have i destroyed your confidence yet? ',

I stared blankly into the eyes of this man I had just met,

This is about the time I lost consciousness and blacked out,

A few hours later, I suppose, I awoke to a muffled shout,

I struggled as the odd iridescent light wrapped me in a coccoon,

Like scraping nails on a chalkboard Tod sang out a tune,

He sang his tune in an odd form of linguistic communication,

'Just sit tight', he said, 'you're going to feel a tingling sensation',

As he sang, every fabric of reality began to quake,

I thought to myself, 'If this is a dream when will I wake',

At the moment I was completely overcome by fear,

Another muffled shout broke through, I heard 'Clear! ',

Everything that Tod built began to melt and fade away,

Again another shout came, I heard 'Hey! '

'Can you hear me? ' 'How many fingers do you see'?

My vision came back, I saw five men surrounding me,

More clearly this time, I heard 'How many fingers do you see? '

I struggled to speak and finally said 'I see three',

A voice behind one of the faces said,

'I can't believe it man, this boy should be dead',

At that moment I sat up and shouted, 'But I'm not! ',

'I faced the devil and overcame every obstacle that he's got'

And with that statement reality faded away once again,

When the light came back to my eyes all I saw was a man,

I shouted, 'Who are you? Were you sent from heaven? '

The only response I got was, 'Hi my name is Kevin.'

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 20, 2014

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