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My Own Verdict - Poem by lyxo lyxo

If I get the chance to stand up and see
I’ll charge you to be
A liar but my healer
My painkiller but a heartbreaker

I loved like I’ll get from what I gave
Still I see you in front of my grave
Thousand feet above me
Crying for my misbehave
Buried for what I’ve made
I died once for my sins
Those were not yet to be paid

If I had a jury, I’ll tell him my reality
I let down my life but you’re my downfall for life
Claiming it’s not your murderer, I killed myself easier
Before you could get my call, it was my suicidal
Nothing about you, only me and my all
All I couldn’t get in this wicked game
Only my devotion was driving me insane

If there was a judge, if you were to be judged
I‘ll be the first witness, I’ll prove it
My love is all to blame, I accepted
If you were to be charged of
Cheater, liar, impostor, pretender
I’d be implicated for being
Believer, hopes protector, love defender

Yes, sorry, my case locked you up for days
Guilty until proven innocent, law made mistakes
I say: innocent until you prove my love’s wrong
You’re not responsible for me, being not strong

I’ll take you off from behind the bar
But it’s all the same, we won’t go far
If it’s not you, it’s me on the other side
I plead guilty but no more I will cry

In front of this jury, this time, may God should be
I confess my loved for a blinded man
A mistake, I don’t regret even after death
Because I can’t but I would not even if I can
Not a remorse, no exchange for one last breath
My last day, my latest breath and you’re still deaf
A final bet, once I’m gone, you can go on
You stay in, I walk out; you blink in, I blanked out
Between heaven sent and given hell
I choose the road too far from the churches' bell

My love, my sin ○

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Poem Edited: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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