My Own World Poem by Arielle G. Wyman

My Own World

Rating: 4.4

I sit here alone,
in this dark place.
My mind has gone crazy,
my heart's in a race.
I sit here alone,
with my thoughts gone mad.
I feel I'm insane,
my life's turned bad.
I sit here alone,
as people pass by.
I scream to be heard,
but can't and cry.
I sit here alone,
I'm all messed up.
I have no control,
It's time to give up.
I sit here alone,
I can't hold on.
I'm losing my grasp,
My sanity's gone.
I sit here alone,
My freedom is here,
The struggle is over,
I won't shed a tear.
I sit here alone,
I shall never see light.
I have only darkness,
In my own world tonight.

Ann Mckinley 22 April 2015

I love this poem so much. Please write more

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Leslee Kerketta 26 November 2013

I can feel my ownself being associated with it.

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Cindy C 14 November 2005

it's a great poem! ! i can relate! ! ! i feel that you described my world and the maddness we go through as human beings!

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Lylyanna Pilewski 28 June 2005

I LOVE IT! wow that was a very powerful poem. Lylyanna

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Arielle G. Wyman

Arielle G. Wyman

Louisville, Kentucky, USA
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