Mleg Star

My Stars - Poem by Mleg Star

My stars
Looking at the sky, cant stop looking at it, still look like it for whole night like I were a rock. The star were shooting.
Raining so much, its wont stop, stars didn’t came this night, still waiting for my stars.
Waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting for 5 days. I couldn’t stop thinking about my stars, want to touch it in every nights.
My eyes met someone eyes, it shining like my stars, I want to talk with him but my voices wont come out.
Its was raining again, I was walking in the rain and don’t stop because I want my stars, been waiting for every days.
I couldn’t breath, my ears was soundless, my eyes started closing, my brain became dizzy.
I been fainted.
Open my eyes, I was lying on a bed, looking around, its look like it’s a guy room.
I jump and open the door, a guy who was standing there, he’s the guy who had eyes like stars, I was surprised but I found him, finally, I found him.
He told me that he found me in the street lying and he took me to his house. I was embarrassed.
The guy washed my wet clothes and it smelled good. It’s smelled like watermelon. And he make some breakfast, look yummy, he smile at me and he turn on some music in his radio and we ate together.
I asked him “what your name? ” and he told me that his name is Skylane.
He hold my hand and took me to the lake, which it’s was shiny like stars, I been waiting for the stars, for my stars.
Its was dark night, its didn’t rain in this night, my stars came out again, Skylane point at the stars, and say ‘you’re this star, ’ the star was bigger and its name is Lucero, my name is Lucero too.
Skylane hold my hands and looking at my eyes, he don’t want to let go my hands, he hold me tighter and say “kiss me, kiss me, I like you.”
I looking at his eyes, my eyes became huge, I couldn’t stop looking at his eyes. I don’t know how to say, I was soundless.
Skylance touch my face so slow and he pull his face closer to my face, I closed my eyes, his lip touch my lips, so warm and soft.
We sleep in the green grasses, he put warm coat on me and hug me so tighter as he could. He told me “Remember, loves count, its wont stop. Love is always around us.” Our hands hold so tighter, and never let it go. He were my star and no one else.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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