My Study Table Poem by Ghazala Lari

My Study Table

My study table, oh how it's changed

From a place of fairytales, it now ranges

Once upon a time, it was so small

A tiny space for books and toys to crawl

But as I grew, so did its reach

New worlds of mystery, science, and teach

History and geography laid out so neat

Science and tech books in perfect array

They taught me skills, they helped me grow

My study table, my constant glow

With artistic pursuits, it showed me grace

Painting, drawing, sketching, and more

Photography and calligraphy, a new embrace

My artist's soul, it did adore

Always there, a source of drive

To be the best, to reach the sky

The laptop, the desktop, the tablet too

They came, and the books, they flew

My study table, so wise and brave

Held them all, like a safe, secure cave

Through school and university, it stayed

A constant companion, come what may

But now, it sits empty and still

A waiting room, devoid of skill

It misses the sounds of pen and key

The rustle of paper, the click of me

It beckons, it whispers, it calls

Come back, my friend, for one more fall

For it is not the table's fault

That life's path takes us on a new halt

But know this, my study table dear

Your place in my heart, will forever stay clear

You have been my guide, my rock

My steady hand, through life's crooked block

And when I'm gone, I hope you'll know

That you were the key, to unlock my soul

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