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In this life, a test we face,
Of faith, a trial, in every place.
Who believes, who won't, we shall see,
In Allah, the Almighty, our plea.

In those lazy days, once in a while,

You crave the calm of a gentle smile.

After the storm, there's a stillness all around

All that was destroyed now lies on the ground

I have no thoughts, no feelings,

No desires, no ambitions, no appeals.

Within the depths of emotions, I find my solace

A humble writer, penning down my truth

When we gaze out of the window, our eyes they do wander,

Seeking beauty in distant horizons, far beyond this border.

Hidden within the depths of my heart

Are myriad feelings, wrapped in secrecy

In life, there's divine timing for all things,
Miss it, and the opportunity slips away,
Lost to us forever in the ebb of time,
No turning back to fix what's gone astray.

Invincible force, I am the wind that blows

On stormy days, my power grows

In the commotion of human emotions,

Relationships unfold like a complex equation,

In the depths of my mind, I sought to find

A treasure trove of thoughts, both mundane and grand

In a world divided, nations collide

As missiles fly and borders close

In hand-crafted coins, wealth may reside,

But do not let them govern your soul's tide.

Who are you, a stranger in my midst?

Where do you hail from, what have you come to visit?

In the depths of a poet's mind, a mystery untold

Where emotions dance and stories unfold

In the quiet whispers of your soul,

A promise lingers, steadfast and whole,

Searching for answers we roam
Seeking solace, hoping to mend
The pain that lingers, the hurt that's known
How to bridge the gap, how to transcend

Be the reason for someone to smile

An agent of happiness, spreading joy for miles

In the end, it's me and my Allah Subhanahu tala,

Settling my own records,

The tapestry of life, each thread a lesson
Never brood over your past, it whispers
Days of learning, shaping the soul's progression
Preparing you for future happenings, it's glistening

Ghazala Lari Biography

Ghazala Lari was born in one of the most beautiful city in India, Lucknow. It's the capital of the Northern state of India, Uttar Pradesh. She was born on 29th June. Her family is one of the most renowned and affluent family of Lucknow. Presently she is living with her parents in her parental home at Lucknow. She is Post Graduate in Geography, Business administration and Information Technology. She has also attained a bachelor's degree in Education. She is fond of reading, writing, painting, sketching, photography, calligraphy and various art forms. She is a high school teacher, teaching Geography and English. She has also taught undergraduate and post graduate students in various institutes. She is extremely dedicated as an educator and has a vision that keeps her motivated in her journey of teaching and learning. She believes in having a healthy body, mind & soul. In order to attain her physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing she does yoga, meditation, walking, exercising, together with prayers, worship of Almighty Allah (God) she keeps to healthy eating. According to her, the holistic development of a person is pertinent to the overall growth of a person. To achieve her fullest potential she devotes and invests much of her time in doing what is required. As a poet, her journey in writing began in the early twenties. It was then she realised her inner ability to express her views and feelings in the form of poems. Poems gave her wings to fly. She has written on political & social issues, spiritual & environmental poems, nature, family, education etc. Some of her poems reflects her own struggles as a woman in a man's world. She has exquisitely articulated her own emotional and physical strife in many of her poems. She is a strong believer in Allah (God) which can be seen in the resilient faith and trust that has been mystically conveyed in most of her celestial poems. As a person, she is a humble devotee of The Almighty Allah (God) . Her spiritual bent of mind can be seen is her approach and manners. Her religious acceptance of people of different faith and love for humanity are an echo of the teachings of Islam. She is courteous, polite and considers in compassionate treatment with equity for all the creatures of Allah (God) . She is certain that all the blessings are from Allah (God) alone. Hence, she demonstrates gratitude and thankfulness to The Almighty for her achievements and abilities. Synopsis of the poems Ghazala's poems can be broadly categorized into Metaphysical and Physical. In almost all the metaphysical poetries one can sense the divine presence and mystical resonance. She has graciously interwoven her gratitude either in the form of admiration or supplication to Almighty Allah (God) . Her poems are a profound reflection of her Islamic philosophy and oneness of God. Her belief in the Almighty and the unwavering trust can be felt in all her mystical verses. Celestial perception is exquisitely interlaced within the filaments of individual contentment in the mortal world. As far as the poems of physical world are concerned, her observations are similarly accurate and precise. She has enunciated numerous social prejudice, social doctrines and unacceptable treatment of weaker sections of society in a most affable and firm manner. One can only admire her cognizance through her verses and appreciate her thoughts which are packed with awakening and reformation. Ghazala's philosophy of life is unpretentious, she believes in Justice and peace for all. She considers none supreme other than the mighty creator. Her deep rooted philosophy resonates in almost all her poems.)

The Best Poem Of Ghazala Lari

Life Is A Test

In this life, a test we face,
Of faith, a trial, in every place.
Who believes, who won't, we shall see,
In Allah, the Almighty, our plea.

He created the heavens and the earth,
Fashioned us from dust, gave us birth.
The sun, moon, and stars in the sky,
A universe vast, where our souls shall fly.

A test of knowledge, we must endure,
To seek the truth, to be secure.
Religion and world, intertwined,
Will shape our fate, our hearts aligned.

The power we attain, a test of might,
To set up order, to shine the light.
Or misuse it, oppress our kind,
Revealing the darkness within our mind.

Wealth, a test, in poverty we call,
To the Almighty, we surrender all.
Luxuries tempt, greed takes its toll,
Our choices shape our eternal soul.

Every blessing bestowed upon our way,
Is a test, a trial, come what may.
Parents, children, spouse, and more,
Divine examinations we can't ignore.

No one is spared from this examination,
A test for all, without hesitation.
The poor, the wealthy, the sick, and the sound,
Each faced with trials, their strength profound.

Some may deny this truth so clear,
But their papers hold what they hold dear.
Rewards or punishment, as they deserve,
Judgment day, their fate observed.

No one is tested beyond their might,
The Creator knows, in His infinite sight.
Our papers, our tests, we must submit,
When our time is up, our fate befit.

This life, a test, for all to see,
A chance to prove our loyalty.
To Allah, the Almighty, we pray,
To guide us through this test, each day.

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'My wounds and scars are my trophies that shines glorifying my patience and victory'.

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