My Tapestry Poem by Shirley Harrison

My Tapestry

Tapestry of a beautiful day

Just the other day

I was sitting on the bus

the bus that gets me to where i need to be

helpless, but to stare out of the window

it was such a bright and sunny day

sky, bluer than I'd ever seen it

Imagining for just a moment

the carpet of rose that we passed

performing the mexican wave just for me

and in the distance

the magnificent oak trees

applauding the bright pink wave

startled by sound awakening my Imagination

birds, chirping in their orchestra of whistle

the sky window on the bus, wide open

allowing me to hear their sweet melodies

reflecting on the fact that their music was perfect

even without the clever hands of a conductor

every so often stopping

at a zebra crossing

allowing the other humans

to cross the road on foot

making their way

to wherever they were destined to be

and I?

well finally I'd reached my destination

so very grateful

to have been part of this magnificent moment

of imagery and sound

finally reaching my front door

placing my key into the keyhole

reflecting once more

on the simplicities of life and…

how very lucky I am just to be alive.

My Tapestry
Thursday, June 6, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: nature,positiveness,urban,london
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