Joshua Hillard

Freshman - 533 Points (February 19,1992 / Saginaw, MI)

My True Love - Poem by Joshua Hillard

They say you can be the wind beneath their wings,
But what I have found is so much extraordinaire,
Beautiful like our galaxy; their planets and their rings,
Yet something so passionate, no one could compare,

Our love is so magical, like watching the sunset on the beach,
To watch it fall behind the mountains to the east,
It is so mystical; you can hear it begin to preach,
As if God was my answer, called from my beloved priest,

Our love keeps growing as the earth keeps turning,
Our love keeps glowing as the sun keeps shining,
If they came together our lives would be burning,
Yet I burn; I fell in love with my finding,

A sweet passionate flame, arising to the top,
Full of warmth and prosperity that keeps me home,
A loving feeling that will forever continue, never to stop,
To keep me close, never to be alone,

So mysterious in ways, that I could never describe,
This is my new world, my second nature,
No matter my troubles, I continue to feel alive,
The bountiful magnificence has given me my stature,

Beyond the moon, into a whole new realm,
A place full of passion; the magic in sight,
No matter what each day possesses, I'm forever overwhelmed,
Because in this realm, you've controlled my day and night,

I could walk hundreds of miles just to fall into your arms,
I could wait centuries for your heart to beat with mine,
Your heart is my locket, as mine are it's charms,
Forever will our hearts combine, and now it is time,

Our love is a sweet delicate flower growing largely in a field,
As beautiful as life, as precious as can be,
The compassion and trust within; the love that you wield,
It only opens my eyes farther, and I can no longer see,

Blinded from the light of love within you,
Suffocating from the air that you take out of me,
I live with this; forever it'll be true,
Because my heart has been locked away, forever will you bare my key,

I'm speechless when it comes to your feelings,
I could never make you feel what you do to mine,
I never thought in life two human beings,
Could be one together; forever journeying through time,

Growing out of control, rapid and quick,
Life in a blaze; I've found my girl,
My antidote to breathe, my remedy from sick,
I'm protected by day, every night in this world,

Always standing up every single day,
I never knew life could feel like this,
This wondrous dream; these magical words you say,
This passionate love, this miraculous bliss,

You make dreams into reality; hopes into actions,
You make life unbelievable, heart unstoppable,
You make my soul come to life, a whole, from its fractions,
You make the beats of my heart seem almost impassible,

Together, we fight something much more mystical than life itself,
We fight to gain our love, the most passionate and meaningful definition,
It's not one to be found in a dictionary on a shelf,
But the meaning of our hearts, our true recognition,

My heart has never been so complete, so miraculous and full,
My heart has never had a beat so quick and heavy,
My heart has never seen something so incredible, where it can only pull,
So vastly out my chest, giving you the word because it's ready,

I'm injected by a glow, shining brighter each hour,
A glow of love, compassionate and surrendering,
Within this time, it continues to grow power,
Day by day, the shimmering light is always remembering,

True love is an eternal bond, held by the strongest glue,
The glue of our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirit,
I found my someone; surreal love that I know is true,
It rings so loud, every single day I can hear it,

When I look into your eyes,
It seems as if my life gets blurry,
God once told me I had a long lost prize,
And to claim it, I must hurry,

I climbed the vast mountains, across the plains,
I swam the deepest waters, through the strongest storms,
I flew the highest altitudes, road the longest trains,
Just to find you, to give you my love in many forms,

I have conquered the toughest battle,
And now I have finally received the angel from the Gods,
I am here today to give you this one rose petal,
To show you, you will never find our love's odds,

I knock from door to door just to explain this feeling,
I sail from coast to coast just to tell them what love is,
To tell them the magical serenity, the difficult breathing,
The unsteady heartbeat, the passionate touch, the tender kiss,

Within my heart I smile, I can only rejoice,
Your nearness takes my breath away,
All the things I want to say, I find no voice,
You leave me speechless, with every word you say,

Light beginning to dawn, and all I can feel is passion,
Tightening like a fist, as it grabs a hold of my chest,
It's when our hearts are next to each other, I feel the attraction,
Because now I know, my heart has found its place to rest,

So I am here to say, and forever will do so,
That I love you, I love you with all of my heart,
I truly love you more than you could ever know,
And now...I'm ready to let our lives start.

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