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When I sit here only to think,
I can feel only one thing come to my mind,
It’s the words that I speak when I say I love you,
It’s my heart knowing that you are one of a kind,

Nothing stops these visions from mobilizing,
Trust is our loyalty, but hate is our demons rising,
Which one are you? I feel it coursing within me,
I’m this or that, mad at the fact, I’m not what you want me to be,

I'm burning up inside,
Feelings along with my pride,
Step inside, let's begin this ride,
Check the tears that I have cried,

I’m only a suicide in this world waiting to happen,
I’m only a dream that’s falling; waiting to be captured,
A dream catcher if you may that has become missing,
As I pray with one hand talking to God because I’m wishing,

History presents itself anonymously,
The strains and chains prevail,
Unblocking itself in a mystical of legends,
Subconsciously no one can derail.

If only you could see,
What's buried deep inside of me,
But through my thickened blood,
This shall never be.

For a second I believed,
The thought of you needing me,
But it was a cry; in the darkened sky,
Those words were nothing to see,

I've been sealed with misdirection,
Love is blind with good intentions,
Life's a test but soon a lesson,
Where I'm going begs the question,

I feel it in my heart,
I feel it in my soul,
It's beginning to grow strong,
As I begin to let go,

I awoken,
Eyes so tear-filled.
A dream suddenly replays,
So many brain cells killed.

Molded by the strongest hands,
Imaged by a creative mind,
Perfected by the sharpest tools,
A heart was formed by the test of time,

I watch all these struggles,
But no one watches me,
They pay attention to their selves,
The pain they are inflicting,

It's another late night,
The time only continues to climb,
My grandfather clock keeps ticking,
Ready to begin it's third chime,

I wake up every morning,
Nightmares screaming from the night before,
A petrified thought rests in my soul,
What if these nightmares happen more and more?

Every day we're beginning to struggle,
What happened to us playing in puddles,
Those late nights we used to cuddle,
Now all rests in a pile of rubble,

There are times I wonder,
Whether I should live or die,
Because when I give it my best,
I end up swallowing inside,

“Why is it you? ”
One question they must always ask,
Seems as if life is no more than a memory,
Pulling me away to stay off task,

We must make a choice by daily,
Whether it may be good or bad,
To make and take the lies we break,
To the life we want to the life we have,

When it feels like you’re stuck in the middle,
You, your life, your world seems to be trapped,
It’s stored away in a casket to tight,
With every corner tied down and strapped,

Why is it when I am down?
That you are no where around,
Never there to help me off the ground,
Just letting my heart slowly pound,

Joshua Hillard Biography

I began my journey in writing when I turned 12 years old. It started with a divorce, and an alternative life that I could not fathom. Writing was the cure. It unlocked emotions that I could not speak for myself. The English language can become such a powerful tool; combined with your heart and mind, it can become a devastating weapon. But at times, it can also be the drug needed to eliminate the real world, and put you in your own world of happiness. I am now currently 23, and writing has saved me more than I could imagine. My dream is to become something through writing, because it is my passion. And all I could ever want is share the same gift to those who struggle the same. As I get older, I get wiser. And with each wise day, my mind begins writing it's own story. I am more than happy to be its author.)

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Forever My Heart

When I sit here only to think,
I can feel only one thing come to my mind,
It’s the words that I speak when I say I love you,
It’s my heart knowing that you are one of a kind,

My breath is always taken from me,
But it’s a feeling that I absolutely adore,
Every single second that I am able to look at you,
I can’t help but gain more and more,

We’ve had so much together in our lives,
But now it’s time to truly show its depth,
I want to spend the rest of my life with you,
I want to die with you on my left,

I want to spend this eternity with you,
You only have one eternity to live,
I'm destined and determined to love you forever,
And my love is something I’ll forever give,

My word become deeper and deeper,
I just cannot help the change you give me,
You make me discover new ways to prove my love,
And my love is the only thing I want you to see,

I’m deeply in love with you,
I can forever whisper this deepest to you,
You are my hearts life and soul,
Forever will I be the one that remains true,

I’ll never physically hurt you in my life,
It’d be the most painful thing I could ever do,
I’ll never hurt you as in breaking your heart,
Because all I could ever need is you,

You are my heart and soul,
The deepest passion that flows through my body,
You are just a treasure, a mystical sight to behold,
I know with this love could nothing ever stop me,

I will give you my love every single day,
I will never stop for a second to pause,
You are the love of my life, my one true miracle,
Day and night…I’ll forever show you my cause,

My cause to this life,
My cause in the reasons to loving you,
My heart has never been so complete,
So my completed heart is what I'll prove,

I've never loved you as much as I do now,
And it's because we finally became each others,
Forever well known for us to be together,
Forever to be called the one true lovers,

When I sit alone,
My heart whispers to me every second,
It's the dreams that we have and share together,
It's the days that we have but the fights that we beckon,

Things may be rough right now,
Granted, they may be like this for some time,
But all we have to do is hang in there,
Because forever will it be you to hold my heart and mind,

I'm so in love with you,
My heart rushes with every single thought,
This true love and miracle given me,
Was the one thing this very life passionately sought,

There may be days we may hurt,
But never will I be the one to cause the most,
You are my one true miracle,
You are my queen, I am your host,

I truly love you with all of my heart,
I just truly want you to know this,
It started off from the day we became friends,
It happened from the first time we shared our first true kiss,

It never left my mind after that,
Your love was an epiphany to my life,
Sought out like an eclipse that blocks all,
I want this star to become my wife,

I could count every star for you,
And I would give them all your name,
To come up to over a million,
They're my reasons that you ever came,

I love you,
With all of my very heart,
You were my true crush in the beginning,
You were always my true love from the start,

I just want to tell you thank you,
For every little thing you have done,
To me, they mean the world,
So for you, forever will I run,

To never let you be gone for a second,
To never let a minute pass,
To forever give you my love in the deepest passion,
To be your long loved husband...Is my task,

I just wanted to tell you I love you,
And thank you for everything you've given me,
You truly are a dream come true in my eyes,
This is one thing these eyes will forever see,

I love you,
I love you with everything I've got,
You are the heir to this very heart,
Forever my love will never stop.

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Silentpoet Grl 31 October 2011

A truly wonderful poet - such a beautiful writer with words holding great expression and emotion reaching to the heart. May you never quit writing. Keep up the amazing, brilliant writes!

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