Selena Marie Collins

My Wish - Poem by Selena Marie Collins

I've made a wish on every star
And still I wonder where you are.
I've blown on every dandelion
And I still have to wonder if you're lyin'.
On every eyelash that fell
There was a wish I can not tell.
Every night at 11: 11 I'm in my bed
And I want to know if I'm in your head.

So many tears I've wept
For all the promises you should of kept
My heart is your piñata
But to you I'm nada.
I'll be here for you forever
But for me, you're here never.

Sure I'm your friend
But what am I in the end?
You said that you still care
But me believe? I wouldn't dare.
You say I'm beautiful, you say I'm smart
But then again your the master of that art

You know how I feel
My love nipping at your heel
I would be what you need
The rules I would heed
I would be like sister or a lover
A friend or a mother.

I have boys
But they aren't my toys
Why do you play with my heart?
Do you want to see it break apart?
But again I'm not the only one
You must really think its fun.

I'm pretty, I'm nice
My heart isn't ice
I'm truly smart
That's not my art
I'm good and I'm kind
I have to say, and I hope you don't mind
I know you're not worth it
No, not one bit.

No. Not the pain.
Because you couldn't laugh when I dance in the rain
No. Not a tear
Because you aren't here
No. Not my dreams so sweet
Because you couldn't keep.

But this is the thing, don't you see?
I've giving all this, all of me!
I dance in the rain
And I think you're worth the pain.
I smile a lot
So much that you think I'm on pot
I have a lot of quirks,
And I hope they don't just irk

One day you'll see
Maybe what could be.
But you're stuck in the past
Thinking of things that have passed

But I guess that means in the future you'll think of when we kissed
And just realized what you really have missed
You'll see that you had a girl who really cared
But maybe by then I won't be there

I'm gonna sit here
And sew every tear
My heart can be fixed, but in the mean while
My tears will flood the Nile
But I'll smile and hide the pain
And you bet I'll still dance in the rain
I'll be your friend
But in the end?

I'll slowly get over this even if it kills me,
Because that's how it has to be.

But still, I'll wish on every star and lash
Hoping beyond hope that'll be the last
I'll stay up late and pray
Maybe just maybe you'll stay

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