In everybody's life they have a place of safety and happiness.They feel so close to it with gladiness.
Their own little spot that they cling to with love and faith in hopes that none will harm them while their
in their place. Welcome to my world that's called a safe haven, for when danger lurks by it's what you'll
be craving. Help me, Let me in to get away from the wilderness that's outside. When the wolves are stalking
it's not your safety they'll abide. So I have a safe haven that's stronger then stones or sticks and we'll leave
the light on for you like MOTEL 6. In my world all are safe from the wilderness or the community that
we have to deal and we try to get home fast so we don't whined up being a meal. Persuaders, Munipulators,
and soul seekers are alive and they hunt for the spirit that wants you to die. Don't let your guard down for
we must stay strong so that we live forever as Jesus did just as long. In my world all allowed to speak their mind
but if you have nothing good to say than it's the door you can step behind specifically cause it's my world and
if it's confusion your giving than I really don't have the time. I built my word around my family with my two lil girls
by mine and my woman's side and it's our ground rules and regulations that they abide. With I as the man looking
into the eyes of my wife and two girls that are as pretty as pearls. They know their safe aslong as they stay in my world.
I protect them with a fist of steel and a voice that carries a far and way long should anything or anybody attemp to
harm them, Their match will be even more strong. So step into my world and truly feel the love because I know in my heart
my family was sent from above. Just when you think you got the world on a downhill pull and and life in taking for a twirl
you can take a rest and feel at ease in my world.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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