Perfection Is Flawed

Nameless - Poem by Perfection Is Flawed

Living and dying, but a chance
to grasp.

Who are we now?

Because our mothers told us to.

Who are we now?

Confused and unable to thhink.
Trying but
What empty praise is give?
It's hard to breathe.

Let us be blank.

Let us be hollow.

Who are we now?

What do we live for?

A sudden flash of silver.
Sharp, cutting.
Blood flowering.

Upon the floor.

Who are we now?

Sing without song.
Voice hoarse.

What is there to sing for?


Life of missed chances
and clouds without
silver linings.

whisper whisper.

I'm sorry, apology.
I wasn't supposed to talk, my dear.
Sew my lips shut.

Not another word to be uttered.

Who are we no?

Have I only skimmed
the surface of your surface?

Terrify me so.

I apologize
seeing you in but one-dimensional
We are all human

and so are you.

Who are we now?

What thoughts to be thought?
in the sea of my empty mind.

I am hollow
I will be hollow
for you, my dear

For myself, my darling.

Who are we now?

This broken spell
Unspoken in this empty, silent chamber
What to say?

after the burst of noise.

I don't mean to lie.

Who are we now?

Who am I?
Who are you,

one-dimensional, stereotype
Humourous clown,

I love you so, yet
hate you.

Incandescent flower that refuses to bloom
before me.

Who are we now?

In the torrential rain


It cuts tender skin
mingles with our blood and makes it
run cold.

Who are we now?

Stifling darkness, I
am suffocating.

Let me breathe
whatever cold light there is
despite the biting shackles that

Fake light is still beautiful.

Who are we now?

What blank pages are there
to fill
with scribbles.

Let us not classify
it hurts to be labelled
only another can
of pickled souls.

Preserved, with
artificial flavouring.

Who are we now?

Sly as a fox,
or cobra, perhaps,
venom that intoxicates,


Don't believe, any longer,
whatever fairytales were shredded
and left for the dirt

to devour.

Who are we now?

Yes, Mother.
I shall believe you always.
Listen to you always.

But I will live
and die
My way.
Let me.


Who are we now?

Lost little souls,
dancing in Darkness.


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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 30, 2006

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