Delaney Rose

Nameless, Because I Would Never Give You The Satisfaction Of Knowing - Poem by Delaney Rose

Remember when the days were beautiful?
The way the sunlight hit your face?
How when you smiled I could see the whole world in your eyes.
Do you remember when you used to hold me
As if you were trying to shut out every bad thought between us?
All those long afternoons you spent
Secretly trying to save me from myself.
What happened? ?
Now all you do is hurt me.
Because you never listen when you need to.
I guess 'no' just isn't in your vocabulary anymore.
Remember when you actually cared?
I mean about someone for more than an hour.
And when you were quiet....
And honestly didn't believe you deserved everything you got?
Remember friends being friends and not drinking buddies?
When 'hanging out' meant being with people, not passing a joint.
When you were 'Beautiful' and not 'Hot'
Because I do
And this cliche person you claim as yourself isn't worth shit.
You're bossy, and annoying, and boring
And so ignorant. I hate it.
So much that I hate you.
I don't even miss you.
I have nothing left to say to you.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 10, 2010

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