Naomi My African Pearl Poem by Femipeadia Stories

Naomi My African Pearl

The gentleman reflexly blabled at the sighting of Naomi
Naomi is terrific and her presence caused traffic
She looks distinct and succinct
Her subordination and meekness was a reflection of her kindness
Like a reflex scene of hoity-toity and topsy-turvy
I nearly lost my sanity and misplaced my reality
but, I could still trace your face right from the day we met

I was tensed and confused about the past and the present
She walk stealthily because she was the Delta queen
She sound humorously like the honey queen
I was the gentleman who blabled at your emergence
You are the Angel that holds the breath to my existence

I swiftly want to end the fallacies in my kingdom
So that the reality will be devoid of heresies in your queendom
That I am not to rich to win you in the Christendom
I want to end the heresies in my kingdom
That I am not fit to rescue you for our freedom
I have a wealthy mindset and I want you to see me fulfilling many dreams with you by my side

Will you love because of his Turaya
Or you will rather take me because you have met your desire?
Your smile and eyebrow intoxicate me like french wine
Your lips and innocent speech makes me cry& smile inside
I can't deny the fact that we are both far away
But we can make things happen if you could say Aye

You are my wish&you know I am fit
My love is real, cant you see my zeal?
So when can we have a deal?
It is possible, just the two of us
We can make it my African pearls
We can make it Naomi

Naomi My African Pearl
The writer is being real about Naomi and we can see the zeal
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