Femipeadia Stories Poems

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Her Gingling Waist Bead

Her gingling bead enticed like a Camelia flower,
Her circular waist heals like an Asia cinamore,
Her physique was stunning like miss Venezuela,
Her bikini was appealing like a sexual healing,

Sunrise And Sunset

I was overjoyed having you as a friend
You are as lovely to me as a summer tale
I cherished the day we met
You stood by me as eyelashes are with the eyes

The Charming Nubile

I woke up with a twisted face
Just like a fitted necklace
Just as west is meant for east
She was meant for me

Naomi My African Pearl

The gentleman reflexly blabled at the sighting of Naomi
Naomi is terrific and her presence caused traffic
She looks distinct and succinct
Her subordination and meekness was a reflection of her kindness

My Amazing Kalahari Girl

How on Earth will I forget the Tajmahal?
How on Earth will I forget the Kilimanjaro?
How on Earth will I forget my ambition?
Why do you think I will give up on you


Our futures are full of Hopes and excitements
For we shall disagree and agree within our apartments
We shall shake the world with our Golden scope
We shall make our word like a molden soap

My Tropical Girl

She walked gently towards me
With her smile blowing away my emotions
Her lips was a fiction of my picture
Her appearance was a fulfilment to my yearning

It Is Either You Or No One

If there will be another world
I will be in your world
If there will be another word
I will speak of your word


On a lovely Tuesday morning
I woke up and it was sunny
I stood up to remember Nonny
Her thirtieth was the cutest

You Are The Dawn

I can't wait to see the dawn
I stood straight to sing a song
The twilight left boredom
The night cleft toredom

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