Steven Harris

Narborough Road - Poem by Steven Harris

They all come out after 9
all the freaks and the whores
they all cram up in the doors
narborough road after 9.

The drunks and the skunks
they all walk down this one road
freaks chitter chatter to themselves
it keep the geeks at home.

They all run to the takeaway
all the whores drop their foor
and the drug addicts hover over them
like crows picking at a bone
narborough road after 9.

A freaks paradise
walking down this road is a role of the dice
it needs to be avoided
let the scum have their fun
let them take over the road
let the crazies run with their gun
this is narborough road after 9.

The road leads to town
town is a place where old ladies wear gowns
they know to avoid this road at all costs
they never get too drunk incase they got lost.

Narborough road at night
full of scoundrels and toads
never a dull moent after 9
down narborough road at night.

What a sight to behold
once the sun goes down
all the tramps take over
stinking up the joint
and the gangsters role by
in an old used rover
this is narborough road after 9.

Full of takeaway joints
the rough fill these places
ready for fights to pull over into the streets
and get ready for the blue shiny lights
to ride past fast and get their bite.

After 9 they take over
once the sun goes down
run for cover
never walk down here alone with your phone
always stay at home
never walk alone at night
after 9 down narborough road.

When its dark its starts to get scarey
walking alone down this road things will get hairey
always walk side by side
because at any moment a drunk or a whore come out of
their slum and you better hide
this is narborough road after 9.

A place where all the scum can have their fun
always walk in paires
and be ready to run
always remember that after 9 they takeover
all the whores, freaks and toads run this streets after 9
try your best and avoid this place
because after 9 they take over narborough road.

All the so called cool blokes drive by in their audi
driving by as fast as they can so they avoid all the folkes
piss and shit fills the road
all the bars around here are hit and miss
the oasis bar for one is a lost cause
its full of tits and bits and all the dirty whores.

Am i warming you up to this road
you can make your own way to town
just dont be a clown and avoid narborough road.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

A little bit exaggerated but still, its pretty much true.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 12, 2013

Poem Edited: Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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