Frank Cid

Narcissistic Vibrosis - Poem by Frank Cid

Narcisstic Vibrosis
By Frank Cid

Here's a lesson for you
beauty only runs skin deep
your tormented soul
twists and turns in your sleep
You have emptiness
I have something to charish
something I carry along
and I keep till I parish
don't criticize me
because your unable to see it
trying to be empathetic
and you just can't be it

Storm clouds move above you
and here comes the rain
twisted wires run inside you
and your invisible pain
you hide it well
but I can see on your face
no emotion, no feeling
and your sick mental state
I don't need help
or your twisted temptation
don't need constant praise
for my own validation
you create a world of your own
that's so mystic and scary
you have a pile of dead hearts
in your love cemetary

So you wonder how I'm able
to come up with this notion
caught you slipping me a sip
of the number 9 potion
but I smashed it
and I threw it out in the street
while you stand there empty
staring down at your feet
I see clearly now
don't need to wear glasses
you take your twisted reality
spread it out to the masses
your beauty won't last
so you better save your money
keep on dippin your wrinkled skin
in the aloe and honey

If you happen to read this
probably won't understand it
because I have emotion
and feeling
wrote it out and I planned it
put me on a pedestal
then keep on knocking me down
when I no longer feed your void
then you don't want me around
history repeats
and it's happened before
and I won't be the last man
to leave his heart at your door
keep hurtin
and it's going to come back
it's not your heart that's missing
it's the emotion you lack

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem was inspired by a relationship with a narcissist. They are empty and cannot feel true love. When the honeymoon phase is over they crave more excitement and leave you alone never to talk to you again no matter what your experience was with them. They will blame you for everything real or imagined.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 7, 2013

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