Felix Bongjoh

Narrower And Narrower


Silver and cream
stars of splashes
and sprinkles
flicker and twinkle

over a bird-tail
track between
two flooded

rivers swollen
with watery
wings of sprinkled

splashed waters
from both
bodies of water.

The floods
run deep, shooting
up plastic
and twill weaves

of splayed sprinkles
into the narrow
track, flogging

mem and women
with silver whips
of rain
from the rivers.


It rains, drops
of water flying
the floods

and not
from the dry sky
beams and glows.

It rains
heavily from
the rivers
grown into geysers.

The floods run
deep, deep
flying over

with wide
albatross feathers
of water

flinging thick
wings of splashes
streaming over
in drizzles,

rain shot from
flooded rivers
through soaked banks.

Waters fly
with arrows
and pecking hoopoes
sakabula bird's tails.


The floods fly
with astrapias' tails
spread and sprayed

to fall down
on the track
in thin
stretchy razors

and blades,
ducking cutting

jumping from flooded
rivers, as a sky
spins azure
and cerulean rays

and spits out
no rain from
stratus streaks
and cirrus
afterfeathers of clouds.


An anthill of faces
the second batch
of men
and women

to walk on the track
the flooded rivers

thinning down
into one
stretchy line,

ants of dudes
back slowly
into nests of fear,

their only bridge
and pulling them
back into their
cocooned homes.

Topic(s) of this poem: danger, rivers, track

Poem Submitted: Saturday, October 17, 2020

Form: Free Verse

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