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Nature - Poem by The Poet Keri

Nature Poem
Age 10

By: Keri H,2006-2007

The sky is ever so light blue,
The light green grass waves with mild dew.
The bees hum and buzz happily ‘around the tree,
The animals roam wild and free.
The burning sun shines with delight
As its sunlight smiles so bright.
The birds chirp and play and they want some fun,
As they soar down from the sun.
The worms slither deep into the soil,
As they find some bits of silver gray foil.
The bark of an oak tree falls down to the ground,
As the squirrels run around and around.
The burning red sun sets into the sky,
As the animals play and fly.
The butterflies flutter their pretty wings,
As a group of kids huddle up and sing.
The bats fly their wings and fly into a cave,
And by the ocean, there comes a huge wave.
The evergreen trees so lush and gentle sway,
Again, the sun sets and comes a new day!
The kids outside just played a game,
As their moms place their picture into a frame.
A group of adults go out to shop,
And some kids blew some bubbles and you’ll hear a POP!
The flowers bloom so fast and bright,
The whole beautiful scene is such a delight.
The monkeys swoop from tree to tree as they swing and laugh ever so free.
The birds flew down onto the ground,
As the little gray squirrels scurry up and down.
The white snowy doves fly high and soar,
And the ants scurry down onto the lush floor.
The hose leaks water and forms a puddle,
And some kids yell and heddle.
The grass gets soaked and gets all wet,
As some kids catch balls with their net.
Out a window comes some paperclips,
But then a kids falls into a puddle and slips.
A girls goes out and loses her shoe, As a huge and big cow goes “MOO-MOO! ”
Then some kids go into a house that was scary,
As the Spelling Bee winner was announced, “Poet, Keri”
The owner of a house mows his lawn,
Suddenly, the firey sun sets and comes dawn.
Little bunnies scurry to and fro,
As the ants search high and low.
The old lovely grandma went out and sewed,
Her old husband went out and mowed.
Along came a cricket with a friendly toad,
But then the computer shouted, “YOU HAVE AN OVERLOAD! ”
In a house someone turned on the light,
And suddenly, along came the darkened night.
A new day approaches us again,
As everyone is laughing and playing in the den!

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