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Nature Is... - Poem by Terry Hoffman


Nature is a babbling brook,
a flash of fish in ev'ry nook.

Nature is a butterfly,
so short a life, then she must die.

Nature is a cooling show'r,
falling down on leafy bow'r.

Nature is a cool, clear pool,
waiting there to make you cool.

Nature is the busy bee,
on a honey gath'ring spree.

Nature is the cooling breeze.
waft my way, I'm asking please!

Nature is the sunflow'r bright;
what a happy, smiling sight.

Nature is the sly red fox,
hiding there, among the phlox.

Nature is the ocean wide;
rolling waves on which to ride.

Nature is the meadow grass,
undulating, sensual mass.

Nature is the rainbow's arc,
bright'ning sky, the rain storm's mark.

Nature is the ivy vine;
'round the branches it does twine.

Nature is the buttercup,
allowing bumble bees to sup.

Nature is the chipmunk bold,
stealing treats for him to hold.

Nature is the wild rose,
such a scent, to please one's nose!

Nature is a stately peak;
not a challenge for the meek.

Nature is the dolphin's leap;
there's no time when he's asleep.

Nature is the soaring hawk;
oh, the tales, if he could talk!

Nature is the walking stick
hiding there, that is his trick.

Nature is a snowy cloud,
up, aloft, graceful and proud.

Nature is the pesky moles,
always busy, digging holes.

Nature is a mockingbird,
asking only to be heard.

Nature is the silver birch,
for the birds, a lofty perch.

Nature is the rainbow trout,
swimming here and there about.

Nature is the slipp'ry eel.
catch him and you'll know the feel.

Nature is the bright green frog,
croaking from within a bog.

Nature is the ocean wide,
gently rolling, side to side.

Nature is the graceful swan
floating on a tranquil pond.

Nature is the rabbit brown,
with its fur as soft as down.

Nature is the sky above,
shining down with all its love.


Nature is the leaves a-turning,
like a fireplace that's burning.

Nature is a chickadee,
darting here and there with glee.

Nature is a dark green dell,
nestling close, with what to tell?

Nature is a sparrow plain,
but we beg him to remain.

Nature is a mountain lake,
from the reeds, there swims a drake.

Nature is the autumn leaves;
time to gather in the sheaves.

Nature is a rotted stump,
a place to sit upon one's rump.

Nature is a frisky squirr'l,
climbing trees, his tail a-curl.

Nature is the golden rod,
flow'ring from its humble pod.

Nature is the damson plum;
I can taste it on my tongue.

Nature is the lowly mouse,
love him, but not in our house!

Nature is the apple tree,
bearing fruit to nourish me.

Nature is the moon blood red,
looming brightly o'er my head.

Nature is the creeping vine,
always seeking to entwine.

Nature is the wild grape,
hanging like a purple cape.

Nature is the somber loon,
singing out its mournful tune.

Nature is the sunset red,
as the earth prepares for bed.

Nature is the painted trees,
indicating summer flees.

Nature is a field of wheat,
to be mowed, then winter greet.

Nature is the geese's cry,
as ever southward do they fly.

Nature is a frosty lane,
lightly touched by autumn rain.

Nature is the harvest moon,
saying winter's coming soon.

Nature is the stately buck,
with his antlers he must duck.

Nature is the trees a-flame,
playing autumn's painting game.


Nature is the wint'ry sky,
looking like an evil eye.

Nature is the fluffy snow,
o'er the ground, both high and low.

Nature is a snow-capped twig,
cov'ring it just like a wig.

Nature is the bluejay bright,
attacking seeds with all his might.

Nature is a chill ice storm,
making slippery roads the norm.

Nature is the freezing drip,
which will not complete its trip.

Nature is a snow-clad peak;
raging storms make it so bleak.

Nature is the bear en-denned,
anticipating winter's end.

Nature is the snow and sleet,
cov'ring ground with winter's sheet.

Nature is the winter stars,
gleaming in the sky so far.

Nature is a frozen stream,
glist'ning like a winter dream.

Nature is a blizzard white
blowing through the day and night.

Nature is the bright blue jay;
you will see him every day.

Nature is the barren trees,
bending in cold winter's breeze.

Nature is the snowman white,
basking in the sun's bright light.

Nature is the cardinal
standing on the feeder tall.

Nature is the snow-capped peaks
from which icy water leaks.


Nature is the sunrise bright.
Oh! My glory, what a sight!

Nature is the nightingale,
singing sweetly, telling tale.

Nature is the moon above,
tempting us to fall in love.

Nature is a lovely flow'r,
waiting for an April show'r.

Nature is a clear blue sky,
where the eagles soar on high.

Nature is the romping hare,
hopping 'round without a care.

Nature is a budding tree,
standing there for all to see.

Nature is the pansies gay,
saying summer's on its way.

Nature is the geese come back,
on their ever northward track.

Nature is the lovely myrtles,
helping us to face our hurdles.

Nature is the dawning sky;
heralds new day, makes us cry.

Nature is the lily's bell,
reminding us that all is well.

Nature is an op'ning bloom,
asking for its elbow room.

Nature is the rich, dark soil,
waiting for our daily toil.

Nature is the silent doe,
guarding fawn from beast and foe.

Nature is a rushing falls;
majesty begun by walls.

Nature is a nest on high,
nurt'ring fledglings 'til they fly.

Nature is a brand new sprout
and its struggle to get out.

Nature is the robin bold,
telling us that gone is cold.

Nature is the hummingbird,
by his thrumming he is heard.

Nature is an apple tree,
making flowers for the bee.

Nature is the lilac bright,
spreading scent into the night.

Nature is the tulip gay,
telling us that it is May.

Nature is the daffodil;
heralds spring with such a will.

Topic(s) of this poem: autumn, fall, nature, spring, summer, winter

Form: Pastoral

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