Nature She Lives On Forever Poem by Francis Duggan

Nature She Lives On Forever

We hear of and read of earthquakes, huge winds and huge floodings in the newspapers and on the radio each day
And climate change is for real and happening despite what the sceptics do say
The more money you have in such a case the more that you do stand for to lose
To none the Nature Goddess is subservient her own ways she always does choose
The signs of climate change are quite evident you see them around everywhere
The creeks and the drains are not flowing the landscape is dry, brown and bare
We do not show much respect for Nature and Nature in kind us repay
Our Earth Mother who lives forever and for each of us there is a last day,
We pollute the land, sea and sky with pollutants as if Nature to us belong
Whilst in truth we are part of Nature and in our thinking we have it wrong
Nature she will live on forever and brief enough is our time span
On average a woman by a few years is supposed for to outlive a man
But Nature she lives on forever on her never a use by date
And as for us time is our master and time for us never does wait.

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