Alfred Barna

Necropolis Technopolis - Poem by Alfred Barna

There are men who view people as a disease
Who should be eradicated from the earth
Yet they should be allowed to do as they please
Only the common man, controlled from his birth
There are men who want the world to rule
And will crush any who oppose their ascension
They demand obedience from those they fool
Never to accept any in the least dissension
With technology they shall become intimately entwined
Clinging to machines which require no food or drink
They desire to join the Ethernet, to be of one mind
Because they wish to be as gods who then shall sync
Total information awareness, which they will use to guide
Ferret out the common man, who has not yet bowed
They shall comb the earth to find those who hide
Those who wish to be free, and will not be cowed

For them the common man is a great burden
Requiring clothing, food, resources and water
Independence from them; something they shun
For it upsets their desires of complete order
They actuary your birth, right down to your grave
Diligently they are erecting their Technopolis
Administrators of all the users; virtual slave
While behind the curtain they marvel Necropolis
Like the fiction of Logan, there is no one they will save
Bread and Circus can now be seen everywhere you look
Distraction ad infinitum, a disconnect from what is real
For if the common man, everything to bite the hook
Like a fish, there are vanities behind who conceal
People are not hives, constantly producing honey
Dancing around a queen, become just a drone
They toil just to earn their daily money
Then to return again to their own home

There must be a line drawn, lust sated
Between our rulers and what they control
Power must always be divided, and gated
Lessons of history, that evil has always taken its toll
The divining right of psychopaths must end
Whether kings, presidents, ministers or corporations
Freedom must be guarded jealously, always attend
To what is happening amongst all of the nations
We are incapable of sitting upon a grand Olympus
Without letting degeneration and corruption lead
We must insist that leadership be shared among us
And be forever weary of concentrations of graft and greed
Mankind is not an epidemic gone wild
But we have aspects that need some debating
Within us, there is still the hope of a child
Rather than become nihilists exterminating

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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