Phynea Deliopoulos

Neither Here Nor There... - Poem by Phynea Deliopoulos

For once I did overlook
My selfish thoughts I mistook
From your own passion
I did fashion
My own misinterpretation.
With my own mind I did misplace
The very thing I tried in haste
Although you gave and I grabbed
I really felt your wretched love...
I never considered your feeble take
Because you needed to be free,
And confused you came to me
Although I accepted blindingly
I have ruined my sanity...
Separation from this existence
Is my only path, I am trying.
You but enter commonly
Like you own a part of me,
And when I tried to set you free
I grasped mistakenly,
Oh how you have destroyed me...
I come with memory and some semblance of peace
Although you won't admit
The part you've played,
In my not together mental state
Only to participate
When I came upon thee
You told me you were ready...
I have never met
Someone so complex
And willingly you did give
When you thought no one was looking.
But in a glimpse I did find
Your heart you tried so desperately to hide...
And of that tiny glimpse of you
I became a different person.
I have tried to not look your
Only days have passed
I can't believe it so
Whence only weeks ago it had been...
You turned it all on me
But I know with your lack of care
In time you will outgrow
Only when you have healed
Then I may be what you seek...
But I am not one to wait & sit
While you ponder your fate
Which you cannot admit,
And throw away what was good
Your choice, you battle on your own...
While I fight my own battle
To forget you
And forgive you your paranoia
For you don't know who I am...
You found peace in your grief
This tells me you have hurt
A long road awaits you.
And when you set yourself free
I will still be me
But forever changed by you...

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, January 11, 2014

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