Ruth Lennox

Never Ending Love - Poem by Ruth Lennox

The sheen of your hair
The smile in your eyes
The way your mouth twitches
When you tell me lies

Your full cherry lips
They way you can't see
The sway of your hips
As you walk beside me

The way you talk to me
About your hopes, your dreams, your fears
They way you're not ashamed
For me to see your tears

The way we sit and laugh
About things that were and will be
The way you're not a half
But a whole when you're with me

The smiles you shoot my way
The private jokes we share
They way you trust my judgement
When it comes to your hair

The way you trust me not to lie
Whenever I am with you
And the way you weren't ashamed of me
Dying my hair blue

Does this explain why I love you?
Does this explain to you?
That I am not lying
And that my love for you is true?

It's not some stupid teenage crush
Or a case of puppy love
If it was everytime I see you I'd blush
And leave when push came to shove

But I won't cause I love you
More day by day
And everytime you're with him
It hurts me more than words can say

But your happiness is paramount
So I won't come out and say
I won't run down the streets and shout
How much I love you- at least not today

For now I'll just sit back
And watch my heart get ripped to shreds
As I listen to you talk
About wanting him in bed

You'll sometimes see the look in my eyes
And ask if I'm alright
I'll have to add to my mountain of lies
To keep you happy tonight

You never knew I cried
Myself to sleep most nights
And even if you did
You wouldn't know how to put it right

Because you'd never dream
Of loving me as I love you
And that's why I shout and scream
And have started to ignore you

I know you're getting desperate
I know you really care
I know you want my friendship
But its not the same as wanting me to be there

I know you want to hug me
And make everything alright
But you just really can't see
That I am tired of this fight

Between my head and heart
And I don't know how to fix it
When or where to start
Or how to save it from another hit

So leave me alone
And don't come any closer
Until these fellings are done
Or you and him are simply you

I know I need your friendship
I know I really do
But I might sacrifice that-
That's how much I love you

Please when you know all this
Reflect upon your time with me
And tell me did you ever see
Me as I saw you?

Lie if you must
Take away all my trust
But the moment I ask you if you love me
Say you do

And I shall walk away
Leave you with your life
Because I know I cannot stay
And you would know this too

I hope you know I did this
Just so you would know
That my love for you is boundless
And it will always go on, you know

Even when I'm dead and gone
My love will carry on
And cause you said you loved me too
I won't die for very long

I'll be with you in dreams
In mind, body, spirit
A guardian angel if you will
Cause you let me hear it

That is why my love is
A never ending love.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 8, 2006

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