kawoya alosius

Never Let Me Go - Poem by kawoya alosius

Hand in hand,
I walked with him,
He took me to the top of a hill,
And told me what i longed to hear,
'My son pay attention to what i have to say,
Do what you want to do and follow your heart's desires,
Knowing you'll pay the prices alone,
Cherish the sweat of your body,
Because that's what makes you a man,
Before the sun, moon and stars grow dim on you,
Enjoy what you've worked for in proper ways,
Always enjoy the pleasant light of the day,
Be grateful for everyday you live,
Knowing no matter how long you live,
You'll be dead much longer, '
After this he asked for a glass of water.

After the last drop,
He continued peacefully,
'Always keep your temper,
It's foolish to harbor a grudge,
If you have not discovered something you can die for,
You are not worth living,
Never criticize, condemn or judge,
Try to understand people and why they do what they do,
The deepest urge in life,
Is the desire to feel important,
Always try to make people feel important,
And do it sincerely
If you try most of these,
Then your short life will be pleasurable.

When the sun set,
He took me to his hut,
Inside his room was a burning fire,
It's warmth melting his words to my marrows,
His lips started to move again but with confidence,
'I've made mistakes you can overcome,
A live dog is stronger than a dead lion.
Always keep your life safe,
For you'll have no use when you are dead,
Wisdom is better than strength,
Always seek knowledge from elders,
Better listen to quite words of wise men,
Than shouts from crowds of morons,
Intellectual gatherings don't pull crowds,
Remember that first runners don't win the race,
Always be patient in whatever you do,
Remembering there's time for everything',
After these, i opened my eyes,
And realized it was a dream,
That i wished to keep in reality!

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