jodde taylor

Never The Same - Poem by jodde taylor

Once reflections,
hung to my heart
your emerging image
lived in wild sunlight.

Speaking in soft tones,
how we won small victories
were all the ways we felt
our finest season.

Did we reach to find ourselves,
including the rain
which swept across the window pane
in all loves envious ways.

Did we find the stars,
so deep and bright
sustaining our fragile existence
our endless charades.

Moving tides, ran with our smiles
tenderness, sending letters
did you read my exposure
giving all to you.

So this is how, a spark flames
where games played, never end
subtle words, with gentle winds
carried away our forever.

Retracing a version,
of what once belonged to us
we changed, with the clicking hours
never noticing, it would never be the same.

A flower, growing tired
in the hot summer sun
without moisture, all ends find desire
only does the desert have need for me.

To be without you,
there is nothingness
without emptiness how can I embrace
a warm memory.

It's all faded into a cool dawn,
no longer shall light find my vacant window
no flowers bloom, above the staircase
where we climbed our tomorrow.

You left me standing,
in the gardens were once red roses
perfumed the air,
now the sky is falling down
and I am a stranger.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 25, 2013

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