New Chapter Poem by Monalisa Mariah Liabunya

New Chapter

Life is like pregnancy. It can be a curse and a blessing at the same time depending on how you want to live it.

For the past few years I lived my life as if it was a curse. I hated myself and every good thing about my life because I never had a vision.

But today I see my life as a blessing, I know that blessings don't make life easier but at least I get to create memories with the people I love and work hard for the dreams I have.

There's a saying that 'you only get to live once', I wholeheartedly believe that is true because 'death' happens everyday. When we choose to dwell on the past or the negativity in our lives, we kill the soul, mind and body.

Just like pregnancy, miscarriages, disabilities, complications and the sex of the child are unpredicted. We don't get a chance to control every aspect in our lives but at least we get to choose the way we want to live.

*Most importantly we need to remember that we are human that alone creates room for emotional vulnerability and sometimes we fail to cope up with them. Always remember that no matter how bad regret or how much guilt you hold, it will never and can never change or reverse time. The best we can do for ourselves is learn and forgive (forgiveness is not always about others but ourselves too) *

'Starting a new chapter is not always easy but it's necessary... It's important for us to take responsibility for our life. Blaming anyone doesn't change the person for who they are, it changes the person you once were because you get to mingle and embrace, stress, anxiety, depression and the ideal of life.'

Life is given freely, but to live is something that requires strength and courage.

Live, love, laugh, learn and be yourself!

Monalisa Mariah Liabunya

It's about change and self acceptance
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