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Newborn Nations From The Oldest Of Dreams - Poem by Vision Ghost

I can feel the pulse and hearts of almost every nation
Much sadness forcing tears so to the eyes perception
Such emotions going to waste when all we do is hate
Have you exhaled the breath of gods to so undulate?

It’s not this that we need to fix in every broken world
If a child can figure out right from wrong yet uncurled
Then why stand here so un-united and so incomplete?
Seek the vastness of oceans to see we’re not complete

If the heart was made to love then why do we break?
And give up on every life with so much left at stake
Vote into the ones to kill your innocence and rob you
Can’t believe it as it makes no sense to me that it’s true

Have you ever held the broken body of a starving child?
I can only imagine the weightlessness in my arms so mild
Can’t we find the essence of reality in ourselves to mend?
The shatter world we co-exist in forcing us to now defend

Yet what do we defend when we find ease in destruction?
Can’t we relish the birth of creation as a new found stimulation?
Is the radical really that hard when we have this power now?
Why the hell is this not written upon each and every brow?

Holding the body of a child and defend their needs forever
Let them be the ones to live even if all you are is a survivor
Catch the ray of sun and watch it nourish a forest in light
Why do politicians select laws on love yet support the fight

Let the gay man be married and the human heart thrive
Let the child unwanted be supported as a new found drive
Away from superficial profits and let sub cultures breathe
New life into the life we all know too well without reprieve

Smash the weapons of death and use the iron to build bridges
From one country to another and every nations sealed ridges
Be religion a course for acceptance instead of rhetoric warfare
Finally awake one day living a world were everyone will care

It’s so really that easy when we stop accepting all the wrong
And work toward the kind of world we have wanted for so long
Each in the one of the other is a need to love to undertake this task
Please do now tell me if this is really just far too much to ask?

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